If you enjoy turning your hand to some DIY, or perhaps you believe that you can achieve a better result than a local contractor, you will be delighted to know that there are some excellent DIY shops in Pattaya. Dozens of small DIY shops offer the usual standard things, but if you are looking for something more specific, you are probably best to try one of the major hardware stores or the local specialist.

Not only do these stores have a wider choice, but they also have an extensive range of imported tools and supplies which may give you some added confidence. If you know exactly what you are looking for that is great, but finding in-store may be hard, and if you haven’t got a Thai national with you who also understands what you want, we would recommend taking some pictures to show the staff who can be quite knowledgeable.

1. Thai Watsuda

In Thailand, Thai Watsuda is the largest hardware chain in the country. Here you will be able to find everything that you need and the teams tend to understand Western tastes. Unlike some Thai hardware stores, Thai Watsuda is well laid out, and the prices are very reasonable as well as offering delivery of larger items. However, the website is only available in Thai, so you probably need to go into the store to order anything that you want. The store is located on the Sukhumvit in Jomtien and has plenty of parking.

2. Boonthavorn

Boonthavorn is another of the extremely well known nationwide stores and can be found on the Sukhumvit Road between Pattaya Klang and North Pattaya Road. The store in Pattaya is well laid out, and most of the staff speak some English and generally try to be very helpful. Their website is available in English which means that you can search for things online. The items you select can be delivered (for a charge), or you can collect them in-store. They specialise mainly in bathroom and kitchen equipment but do have an array of other items.

3. Home Pro

Home Pro is probably the closest in terms of its layout to western DIY stores, and they have two branches in Pattaya. The first is in Big C Extra on Pattaya Klang and the second near Boonthavorn. Home Pro caters to every aspect of DIY which has both positives and negatives. You can probably find something similar to what you need, but you might not be able to find the exact item. It can be frustrating, so it is best to search on the English language website before you go to the store as the levels of English spoken can vary.

4. Pornchai

Pornchai is a local hardware store but is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and speaks good English. They are prepared to offer advice and order anything that they may not have in store. Located directly next to the bus station on North Pattaya Road, this is perhaps the best option if you aren’t 100% certain of what you require yourself.