Pattaya has evolved dramatically over the last decade and can now be genuinely regarded as a family-friendly resort city. Across the city, you will find an abundance of luxury condos, villages, and 5-star resorts while those in the budget range are also still in plentiful supply. In addition to the accommodation, the city also has world-class shopping malls, international hospitals, and schools along with endless activities that you can enjoy with family and friends. Just in case you needed reminding, here are five reasons why we love Pattaya.

1. The climate

Pattaya enjoys a great year-round climate, which is ideal for those who want an outdoor style. The warm weather allows us to take part in numerous activities rather than being stuck indoors watching the TV or generally becoming a couch-potato. Of course, spending more time outside is excellent for the body and the soul and makes a refreshing change, especially for those who have come from Europe or most states in the US.

The warm weather, even during the cold season, allows you to get out, see more, and do more meaning that you get more out of life. Thankfully, even during the pandemic, this was something that we were still able to do.

2. The people

Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles, and as soon as you come to Pattaya, you will quickly realise why. Whether it is the taxi drivers that pick you up at the airport, the hotel staff, or those working in the many bars and restaurants around the city, you will undoubtedly be made to feel welcome. Pattaya is a cosmopolitan that welcomes people from all four corners of the globe and people of any religion. It is hard to think of anywhere else in the world where this is the case to the same extent.

Naturally, this needs to be tempered by caution and common sense in some areas, but on the whole, the vast majority of people in the city are happy to meet and mix with new people.

3. Golf and water sports

Pattaya is arguably the number one destination in Thailand for golf as well as having an extensive range of water sports available throughout the year. It makes it the obvious place to visit or even live if you are into either or perhaps both of these activities. With over 25 championship standard golf courses all within 90 minutes drive of Central Pattaya and year-round warm and safe waters, it is not hard to understand why it is continually so popular.

With some normality expected to return in early 2021, we all hope that the dive schools and golf courses will be busy again soon.

4. The food

Pattaya has some excellent restaurants serving almost any type of food, something that we have covered many times in the past, but when it comes to fresh seafood and other Thai dishes, you are almost spoilt for choice. The seafood market in Naklua is busy with Thais and foreigners at virtually any hour of the day. The freshly caught fish and other delicious foods are naturally attractive for all with the prices representing excellent value for money. Indeed, this is a theme that continues in many of the local restaurants too.

5. It’s safe

Finally, another obvious attraction with Pattaya is how safe it is for families and locals. Unlike many other cities in Southeast Asia, there are very few “no-go” areas at night, and you will usually feel very safe. There is a reassuringly large police presence throughout the city, and even the smaller sois are now well lit.