Jomtien is one of the areas that many ex-pats choose to call home and is the destination of choice for many tourists. Although the area is most commonly associated with condos, some superb villages often go overlooked. Some of the prestigious and well-known villages such as View Talay Villas, Jomtien Park Villas, and Palm Oasis take all the attention; however, this does some of the other villages as disservice as they have qualities in their own right. Here are just five of the alternatives that you could consider if you are looking to buy or rent.

1.Chateau Dale Thabali

Not surprisingly, Chateau Dale Thabali is part of the large Chateau Dale complex which is just off Thappraya Road. Thabali is where you will find an excellent selection of villas which are in a Thai Bali style. The location is relatively quiet and therefore extremely popular, especially with families and retirees. Residents have access to all the facilities within the adjoining condo, and many of the villas have private swimming pools. Although it is an older village, it is well maintained and still highly desirable.

2.C’est Palai Villas

C’est Palai is located on Soi Wat Boon Kanchana so is ideally situated for the beach, Sukhumvit Road and other areas of Pattaya and beyond. It is a relatively small village containing several pool villas which are once again in Thai Bali style. The village has excellent security, although it perhaps lacks in communal facilities, in reality, this is not an issue for the residents, and there remains a strong community spirit.

3.Royal Park Residence

The Royal Park Residence is a surprisingly little-known village which is situated on the corner of Thepprasit and Thappraya Roads. It is a mid-size village containing an array of relatively modern family homes which are all two or more bedrooms. It is a quiet village considering its locale near the main roads and has superb security as well as communal swimming pools. Many of the residents have lived there for several years, which gives a good indication that people are happy there.

4.Adare Gardens (1, 2 and 3)

There are several Adare Garden Villages which are found mainly in the south of Jomtien. They range in size from 2 bedrooms to four bedrooms, and all come with a private swimming pool. The villages are all small and friendly, and this helps to ensure that there is a strong communal spirit. Although each of the villages is now upwards of ten years old, they are very well maintained and always prove popular with new tenants and those looking to buy.

5.Ban Fah Rim Haad

Ban Fah Rim Haad can be found on Jomtien Second Road and is a well-established village comprising of the mainly two-story house of between three and five bedrooms. It is an excellent location for Jomtien Beach, Sukhumvit Road, and all major roads to Pattaya, Bangkok, and Rayong. Once again, it is a village with excellent security and good communal facilities and is always well maintained.