Pattaya is famous for many things, but arguably water sports are some of the most popular activities that people partake in apart from visiting the bars and playing golf! Unfortunately, 2020 had a devastating effect on the water sports industry in Thailand with no tourists allowed to enter the Kingdom for the vast majority of the year. However, fortunately, several clubs survived thanks to loyal expats and Thais who continued to do what they love. As we move into 2021, here are five that have survived with more surely to open or reopen throughout the forthcoming coming months.

1. Pattaya Water Sports Club

Pattaya Water Sports Club can be found near Ocean Marina and offers an extensive range of water sports along with fishing. It aims more at the Thai market, which has thankfully resulted in it not only surviving but prospering in 2020. They have jet skis, windsurfing as well as boats for hire if you are looking to cruise around the Gulf. Regardless of how active or inactive you want to be, the Pattaya Water Sports Club will have something to suit you.

2. Thai Wakeboard Park

Thai Wakeboard Park is situated close to Highway 7 in Nong Palai. It has proved to be an excellent alternative to the sea and is popular with beginners who can be pulled along by the winch in a safer environment than offshore. As the name would suggest, they specialise in wakeboarding although the course is also well suited to waterskiing. They offer lessons for beginners, and it is a place that children enjoy to visit.

3. Flyboard Pattaya

Flyboarding is an extreme sport that is rapidly increasing in popularity in recent years, and fortunately, it is something that you can try here in Pattaya. The centre will pick you up from your condo, house, or hotel and take you to their private lake. Here you will receive all the instructions that you need to get started. Of course, it isn’t easy, but you will get 20 minutes to try for yourself which you will find ample the first time and all for under THB2,500! Once you have the hang of things, you can hire equipment to try again either under supervision or on your own.

4. Jomtien Dive Centre

Diving is one of the most popular activities with younger, long-term tourists and as such has been hit badly by COVID-19. Many people choose to take their PADI qualifications in Pattaya thanks to the year-round warm and calm waters. In the seas off Pattaya, you will find an abundance of marine life as well as some wrecks which have been artificially sunk to make playgrounds for divers. If this is something that appeals to you, why not try Jomtien Dive centre. They can be found on Jomtien Beach Road, close to Soi 5.

5. Pattaya Dive Centre

In a similar manner to Jomtien Dive Centre, Pattaya Dive Centre offers all the same features. Still, it is perhaps more convenient for people living in downtown Pattaya, and the prices are comparable. They are located on Pattaya Beach Road between sois 11 and 12.