Pattaya has an abundance of excellent beachfront restaurants, but arguably the area with the most choice is probably Ban Amphur, to the south of Jomtien. Here you will find a fantastic selection, including the restaurants within hotels and some that are set back from the beach so are therefore a little unlucky that they don’t make it onto our list. If you are looking for a place to go and enjoy a relaxing or romantic meal, you will struggle to find anywhere more tranquil. You can take in the breathtaking sunsets, looking across golden sands and crystal clear waters.

1. The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse is one of the best-known restaurants in all of Pattaya and is popular with expats, tourists as well as Thais. It is particularly popular at weekends with Bangkokonians flocking to the restaurant to take in the excellent food, under the shade of the trees, and staying until the evening to enjoy the picturesque sunsets. It certainly isn’t the cheapest place in Pattaya, but the food, the views, and the service justify the price.

2. Bacco Beach Italian Restaurant

We are blessed in Pattaya with having some excellent Italian restaurants, but Bacco Beach is undoubtedly up there with the best of them. They serve an extensive range of traditional Italian dishes with their pizzas continually earning rave reviews. They also have some more contemporary dishes which are a fusion of both Italian and Asian food. These options are sure to whet your taste buds, and indeed the majority of the clientele are returning diners.

3. Drifters Beach Café

If you are searching for somewhere a little more informal and somewhere that you can enjoy a few beers and some relatively simple food, then Drifters Beach Café is the perfect option for you. This relaxing open-fronted bar-cum-restaurant offers magnificent views across the Gulf of Thailand. Considering the location, it represents excellent value for money and is currently a hidden gem although it is rapidly becoming more popular.

4. Preecha Seafood

Preecha Seafood is situated just to the south of Ocean Marina and is a huge restaurant that has three covered dining areas. It certainly isn’t what you would call “flash”, but the food is of an excellent standard and not surprisingly is incredibly popular with both Thais and expats. It is also excellent value for money, and you can relax, taking in the views and enjoying the sea breeze.

5. Srinuan Seafood

Srinuan Seafood is in a very similar location to Preecha and is slightly upmarket in terms of the seating arrangement making it more of a romantic choice. The quality of the food is comparable with the previous restaurant, although the prices are slightly higher to reflect the ambience. The service is excellent, and you certainly won’t leave with an empty stomach, feeling pleasantly full and relaxed.

6. View Mare Beachfront Bar

View Mare Beachfront Bar and Restaurant is another restaurant that is an idyllic setting at the northern end of Ban Amphur. The food, drinks, and ambience are excellent and set it apart from some of the smaller restaurants that have been unlucky not to make our list. If you are looking for something relaxing, but not too informal, View Mare could be the ideal choice for you!