For most of us, when we think about going out for a great meal, we rarely think about the restaurants that are available in the shopping malls. However, after we have been once, often by pure chance, or before we catch a movie, we sometimes find an option that appeals. Yes, there are the usual large chains such as Sizzlers, Santa Fe, KFC, and Chester’s, but also some excellent privately run or small private chain restaurants on offer. If you have never given it a thought, here are six excellent options that you could consider.


Arno’s has several branches in Bangkok, one in Chiang Mai and Terminal 21 in Pattaya. They are renowned for the quality of their meat and even have their own butchers in Bangkok. If you are searching for a great burger or succulent steak, then Arno’s is worth adding to your list of places to try. It is found on the 2nd floor in an area known as Tokyo Street.

2.Kitchen Lao

Kitchen Lao is a superb Isaan restaurant offering a range of food that’s “just like your mum made”. It is fair to say that they aim primarily at the Thai market, but if you have a Thai partner and feel like treating them, then Kitchen Lao would be an excellent choice. Beware; the food can be extremely spicy! It is situated on the 3rd floor on San Francisco Street.

3.Grillicious By Beirut

Over the last few years, we have sadly seen several Lebanese restaurants close. Fortunately, Grillicious by Beirut is an excellent option for those who love Middle Eastern and Lebanese food. It is a very pleasant restaurant will a relaxing ambience, something which you may not usually associate with a restaurant in a busy shopping. Again, it is on the 2nd floor on Tokyo Street.

4.Piri Piri Flaming Grill

Piri Piri Flaming Grill is another of the relatively small chains with a few other locations in Bangkok. As you would expect, their main dish is the Portuguese Piri Piri chicken, but they also have a selection of Moroccan, Western, and Thai dishes to whet your appetite. It is a superb choice of restaurant if you feel like something a little different. It is situated on Tokyo Street on the 2nd floor.

5.Savoey Seafood

Yet another of the small chains, but Savoey Seafood offers something that many seafood restaurants in Pattaya don’t an elevated sea view. The menu is similar to what you would expect in any seafood restaurant, and in reality, it is the views that are the selling point, and they can be particularly impressive at night. Savoey has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and can be found on the 3rd floor on San Francisco Street

6.iO Italian Osteria Pattaya

iO Italian Osteria has branches in Singapore, Bangkok, and Pattaya and is an Italian restaurant that tries to replicate the feeling of Italian street food and does so exceptionally well. As such, some of your usual dishes may be missing from the menu, but don’t worry, you will find plenty of alternatives! It is another option located on Tokyo Street on the 2nd floor.