Pratamnak is one of the most prestigious areas of Pattaya, so it is not surprisingly popular with expats and tourists alike. It has certainly changed dramatically in the last 20 years, having previously been classed as a remote setting on the headland. It is now home to luxury condos, villages, and 5-star hotels with a Royal palace also in the neighbourhood. Here are just six reasons why you may want to consider living in Pratamnak.

1. The Location

Location is usually the number one reason why we decide to buy or rent a property anywhere. Pratamnak is ideally situated between Pattaya and Jomtien, just far enough away so you won’t be disturbed, but both places can easily be reached in less than 10 minutes. The road network is good, so it makes getting out of the city easy, and being on a headland, the views in many properties are unobstructed.

2. The Beaches

Of course, connected to the location is what the area has to offer and Pratamnak is home to some of the best beaches in the area with Cozy Beach probably being the best of the lot. The sands are noticeably cleaner than in Pattaya with fewer vendors and hawkers to disturb your relaxation time. Water sports are available, although to a lesser extent than in Pattaya which can make the sea more appealing and safer for bathers.

3. The Restaurants

Pratamnak is also home to some superb restaurants including Au Bon Coin, Cabbages and Condoms, and O’Gara’s in addition to some excellent Thailand restaurants. It is arguably the best area in all Pattaya in terms of the selection of restaurants. You could enjoy cuisine from all around the world and have something different each day. If you want something simpler, there are also many street food vendors around that represent great value and have good quality food.

4. Activities

There is plenty to do in Pratamnak aside from the beaches and the restaurants. There is the Pattaya Park water park which also has lots of other things to do, including taking a zip line down from the top of the tower! There is also mini-golf at the Asia Hotel, some water sports, tennis, massage, and spas as well as several bars. Basically, whatever, you want to do; you will find it in and around the Pratamnak area.

5. Choice of Accommodation

Regardless of how long you want to stay, you will find an extensive range of accommodation available. It ranges from 5-star hotels and luxury pool villas to budget condos which are fantastic value for money. The selection of condos is vast, so there will undoubtedly be something to suit your taste and budget. Our team would be delighted to tell you about what is available and may suit your needs.

6. Amenities

Of course, wherever you choose to stay, you will require amenities, and luckily in Pratamnak you have the lot! You will find the usual 7-Eleven, Family Mart, and other convenience stores along with boutique stores. In addition, there are doctors, dentists, clinics, and anything else that you may need. Major hospitals, supermarkets, and shopping malls are all just a few minutes’ drives away.