When it comes to Indian restaurants, Pattaya has an abundance of excellent options. With an increasing number of Indian nationals visiting Pattaya, this is not really surprising. With India being such a vast country, it embraces so many different cuisines, and this is reflected in the array of restaurants in Pattaya. Some restaurants cater to vegetarian tastes; some Southern Indian Tastes while others try and target the western market. Whatever type of Indian food you like, you will be able to find in Pattaya.

North Pattaya

Panchwati Gujarati Indian Restaurant

Panchwati Gujarati provides traditional Gujarati Indian food so something slightly different to what you find in many of the other Indian restaurants in the city. As a result, their menu may appear a little limited but is nevertheless excellent. Their set menu represents excellent value for money. Panchwati Gujarati can be found on Naklua Road, close to the Dolphin Circle.

Central Pattaya


No list of Indian restaurants in Pattaya would be complete without including Alibaba, the longest established Indian in Pattaya. Famed for their sumptuous tandoori, they have an extensive menu that covers all tastes. Alibaba has an excellent ambience which is enhanced by the staff all being in traditional attire. It is a slightly more expensive option than some of the others, but then you do get what you pay for. Alibaba is on Pattaya Klang, just below the junction with Pattaya 2nd Road.

Crown of India

The Crown of India is a lesser-known Indian restaurant in Pattaya but still of an excellent standard. They specialise in Southern Indian food although they do offer food from other regions. It is well furnished and has a friendly atmosphere along with a robust Indian client base which is a testimony to the quality of the food and service. It is located on Pattaya 2nd Road between Sois 5 and 6.


Indian by Nature

Indian by Nature is an upmarket restaurant that focuses very much on the quality of their food. The food is authentic and covers a broad spectrum of cuisine from across Indian. The food is superb, and the waiters are knowledgeable about the food. Indian by Nature has an extensive drinks menu and is the perfect venue if you are celebrating something special. They have frequent entertainment nights, including traditional Indian dance and music. Indian by Nature is in the Chateau Dale Complex on Thappraya Road.


Maharani, Royal Cliff

The Maharani Indian restaurant in the Royal Cliff Hotel is another of the upmarket but genuinely excellent restaurants in Pattaya. They offer a considerable menu that includes Indian dishes from across India and the rest of the subcontinent. Many of the ingredients are imported directly from India to make the food even more authentic. The Maharani offers a complete dining experience, including stunning views across the Gulf of Thailand.

East Pattaya

Fisherman’s Café

If you are living in East Pattaya and don’t feel like going into the city for your fix of Indian food, you could always give the Fisherman’s Café on the east side of Mabprachan Lake a try. It is a less authentic Indian restaurant as it caters more for western tastes, but the food is still delicious. They also offer Thai and barbeque food.