In one of our previous articles, we discussed the prevalence of gold shops in Pattaya, and this article discusses another common feature in Pattaya, tailors! There are dozens of tailors’ shops spread across Pattaya, and nearly all of them are excellent. Although it is less common these days for items to be made in-store, you will usually get your bespoke suit back within a few days after a final fitting, and any alterations have been made. Knowing which tailor to choose can be challenging, but here are five that are well-established and have great reputations.

1.Jack and Dave

Jack and Dave’s tailors are one of the longest-serving tailors in Pattaya, having previously been located in the heart of Walking Street for nearly three decades. They can now be found in the Chateau Dale Complex on Thappraya Road, in the same building as Indian by Nature. They produce superb items that they ship worldwide with an extensive range of fabrics available. They speak fluent English, German and Thai with a smattering of other languages.

2.AMIGO International

AMIGO International is another of the well-established tailors in Pattaya and is based on Soi Diamond. Ethics is one of their biggest selling points, stressing that all their employees are fairly paid and have good working conditions. They again have a range of fabrics available, and their staff are very knowledgeable and happy to advise. As they ship their items globally, they speak various languages, including English and German.

3.Lalwani Mode Atelier

Lalwani Mode Atelier is on Naklua Road, opposite La Baguette, and has been in the same location for years! It is a large store with dozens of fabrics available for you to view or feel. They pride themselves on the quality of their items, so they may take slightly longer to manufacture. However, they have a superb reputation with many repeat customers, primarily from Germany. They speak several languages, with German and English spoken fluently.

4.AMA Fashion

AMA Fashion is on Pattaya Klang and another of the mainstays of Pattaya. Their primary selling point is that all their fabrics are hand-cut, and again they have a vast range of materials available for you to peruse. The shop is well laid out, and it is easy to find anything you want while all the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Like most tailors in the city, they speak a range of languages and are happy to ship items overseas should you be looking to buy something towards the end of your stay.

5.Paul the Designer

Paul the Designer has a relatively small shop on Soi 13/4 (Pattayaland 2) Pattaya Beach Road, although many still regard him as one of the best tailors in the city and has been in business for over 40 years. The shop displays many fabrics you can choose from, and he can generally produce suits within a few days. He has a friendly nature and is always happy to offer advice and make suggestions, often throwing in a tie or offering deals if you also order shirts.

6.Diana Fashion

Diana Fashion is among the most distinctive contemporary Pattaya tailors. We combine modern-day sensibilities with the classic virtues of the tailor’s art. We help every client express their personality and sense of style through carefully-chosen fabrics and cuts, all brought to life through sublime craftsmanship. We’re all about getting to know you – your tastes, your preferences, and the demands of your world. Only then can we create the personal look and feel that lets you consistently present your best, most authentic self.