Ban Chang has long since between a popular haunt for Pattaya residents and is well known for its bar scene and après golf. However, the place has developed significantly in recent years and is now a popular home for many ex-pats as well as tourists. It is only around 45-minutes from Central Pattaya by car with it also being a popular day trip for cyclists. So, if you fancy getting away from Pattaya for a few hours or a few days, here are some of the things that you can do in and around Ban Chang.


Ban Chang is still popular with recreational golfers with the two closest courses being Emerald and Eastern Star. Both courses are well maintained and represent excellent value for money and, as such, are frequently used by golf societies. There are also some more exclusive courses not far away including St. Andrews and Phoenix Gold and more serious golfers often prefer these as they are better, but also more expensive.

  2.Buddha Mountain

Khao Chi Chan, to give it its official name, is a large gold engraving of Buddha in a rock face midway between Pattaya and Ban Chang. It is an imposing sight and popular with tourists with Thais also keen to visit for more spiritual reasons. Although many people believe that this is an ancient site, it was only completed in 1995 after being commissioned by the late beloved King Bhumibol.

  3.Silverlake Vineyard

Silverlake Vineyard is situated almost next to Buddha Mountain and is one of the leading vineyards in Thailand. It is an extremely picturesque setting with visitors allowed to wander through the vast grounds. However, there is very little shade, so it does get incredibly hot around lunchtime, so wearing some protection is advisable. There are several shops and cafes on-site as well as a superb Italian restaurant.

  4.Ramayana Water Park

Once again in the same area as Silverlake and Khao Chi Chan, Ramayana is the largest water park in Thailand. Built to European standards, there are plenty of attractions for all ages, with separate areas for younger children. Booking in advance is advisable as tickets are far cheaper. There are plenty of refreshments available, and towels and lockers can be rented when you visit.

  5.Phala Beach

There are several beaches around Ban Chang, but Phala Beach is probably the most popular and closest to the town. Along with the beach, you will also find some excellent seafood restaurants and a few bars where you can sit, relax and cool down. Of course, there are a few hotels roundabout when you can stay if you are planning a weekend away.

  6.Bar Crawl

Ban Chang is probably best known for the golf and bar scene which may not be quite as boisterous as it used to be but is still popular with golfers after they have finished their round. There is the main strip of around a dozen bars which are very popular in the afternoons although generally, they are quiet at nights. There are also a few restaurants serving western food if you need something to line your stomach.