Located on the headland between South Pattaya and Jomtien, is one of the most prestigious areas of Pattaya known as Pratamnak. Here you will find an extensive range of high-end condos, 5-star hotels and luxury restaurants. Here are seven fantastic restaurants in the area but perhaps you have your particular favourite that we have missed off our list?

1. Au Bon Coin

Au Bon Coin has witnessed a rapid growth in popularity in the last couple of years. The small setting, with only a limited amount of covers available each night helps to create a relaxed and charming ambience. Au Bon Coin describes itself as a “French gastro fine dining restaurant” which is very appropriate. The standard of the food is exceptional, and they have an impressive wine cellar, including wines from smaller vineyards.

2. L’Auberge

L’Auberge is another fantastic French restaurant in Pattaya as is a little unlucky to be only second on our list and is located on the corner of Pratamnak Soi 4. The food can only be described as sensational, and the ambience is superb. The complete experience could compete with top restaurants anywhere in the world. Using only the finest ingredients, L’Auberge prepares dishes that are quite rare in Pattaya such as Fois Gras, veal and escargots.

3. Comfort by Harlan

Harlan is a Michelin Star chef from Hong Kong and prepares his exquisite dishes at his upmarket restaurant in Kasetsin Soi 2. As you would imagine, the food is out of this world and is made using the freshest, high-quality ingredients. The prices are very reasonable when you consider the quality of the food. Bookings are advisable, especially during busy periods.

4. The Crab Pot

The Crab Pot can be found on Kasetsin Soi 9 and is predominantly an upmarket seafood restaurant although they do offer a range of other dishes. The food tastes unreal and is well presented with all the staff being knowledgeable and attentive. The prices are also very reasonable, which adds to the attraction.

5. Cabbages and Condoms

Cabbages and Condoms restaurant forms part of the well-known chain bearing the same name and is a charitable restaurant with proceeds going to help children and families affected by HIV. Cabbages and Condoms serve excellent food as well as the restaurant being in an idyllic setting. Both Thai and western food is served, and the prices are very competitive.

6. O’Gara’s Pattaya

O’Gara’s is situated in the Tara Court Hotel. They have a superb breakfast menu that will satisfy even the healthiest of appetites as well as a la carte lunchtime and evening menu. If you would rather try something different, they have a comprehensive menu including Thai, Indian and western dishes. The food quality is always consistently good.

7. The Chocolate Factory

If you have something of a sweet tooth, then the Chocolate Factory on Kasetsin Soi 11 may be the place for you! They have a wide range of pastries, cakes and sweets, allowing you to indulge yourself while taking in the sensational views looking across to Koh Larn.