Most of us are looking for added convenience in every aspect of our lives. As a result, online grocery stores are growing popularity and the same is certainly the case here in Pattaya. Often people haven’t got transport to do a “big shop” while others may not have time. Ordering groceries online couldn’t be easier, and you get everything delivered fresh to your doorstep. Here are seven great online options that might appeal to you!

1. Villa Market

Villa Market is one of the best established western-style supermarkets in Thailand. They have an extensive range of imported foods and other items for around the home. The store in Pattaya is located at The Avenue shopping mall but if you would prefer the use your time doing something other than shopping, why not order online from the Villa Market website?

2. Tesco Lotus

As in the west, many of the major supermarkets offer excellent food delivery services, and Tesco are certainly one of the leading players in this area. They have a far more comprehensive range of goods than Villa Market, including home electricals. The delivery service is also ideal if you are looking to order some heavier items or order in bulk. Tesco are suited to your every day needs rather than in the luxury items that you may order from Villa. You can visit the Tesco website here.

3. Big C Extra

It would seem that anything Tesco Lotus does, Big C isn’t far behind, and that is the case with online grocery deliveries. They offer an almost identical service to Tesco, but the advantage is that as they were formerly Carrefour, they have an excellent range of French cheese and pastries. As such, they offer a few more imported products than Tesco. You can visit the Big C website here.

4. NoQ

NoQ has slipped down the rankings a little bit in the last 12 months after making a big initial impact. They offer a range of imported items such as Heinz Baked Beans or imported cheeses. If you are looking for something a bit different, then NoQ could be an option. You can visit their website here.

5. Tops

Tops are the smallest of the “Big 3” supermarkets in Thailand but are still a significant player. Tops are very similar to both Tesco and Big C, but from time to time they do offer something just that little bit different that may whet your appetite. It is worth visiting their website occasionally for this reason.

6. Passion Delivery

Passion Delivery aims very much at the “artisan” market and sells some fantastic luxury items. On their website, you will find Wagyu steaks, New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels and even Caviar if you have expensive taste! If you are celebrating something special, Passion Delivery may be the ideal option for you.

7. KPK Foods

It is fair to say that KPK doesn’t always get the recognition that they deserve and are frequently criticised. However, if you are looking for frozen imported meats, fish or pre-packed meals, they are