Our article last month discussed the condos in and around Pattaya, which often offered excellent investment opportunities. In this, our second in the series, we look at some of the villages that frequently give a superb ROI in terms of rental revenue. While we understand that there are plenty of villages that we have missed off our list, here are just seven you could consider.

1. Patta Village

Patta Village is located close to Nongprue Police Station in East Pattaya and is a convenient distance from Highways 7 and 36 as well as being less than 20 minutes from Central Pattaya. The modern designed, two-storey houses are extremely reasonably priced, and the locations make it perfect for working expats and those with families. Patta Village already has a large expat population living there.

2. Greenfield Villas 2

All of the Greenfield villages offer excellent rental opportunities, but this time we have selected Greenfield 2, which is ideally situated between Soi Khao Noi and Soi Nernplabwan. The village is exceptionally well maintained and has good communal facilities. A popular home for expats, the village has outstanding investment potential.

3. Chok Chai 7

Chok Chai 7 is located on Soi Khao Noi and is one of the most modern Chok Chai villages. The houses have improved dramatically in terms of quality and represent great value for money with high demand for rentals in the area. There is certainly plenty of potentials to gain a handsome ROI, especially if you choose your property wisely.

4. Chok Chai 8

Chok Chai 8 joins Chok Chai 7 and is at the far end of the village. It has all the same qualities as its predecessor, perhaps having the advantage of being slightly further away from the main road. Shops, bars, and restaurants are plentiful in the area, and the soi is one of the most popular with foreigners living in East Pattaya.

5. SP Village 3

SP Village 3 is on Soi Siam Country Club and is a slightly older village, but still one noted for its quality. The houses are all larger than many modern options as they are reasonably well distanced apart, so you get more privacy. The communal facilities are again very good, and it is another village perfect for families of retirees.

6. SP Village 5

SP Village 5 is again on Soi Siam Country Club and is a large village with a superb community feel. It is certainly more modern than SP3 and already has a large expat contingent living there. The communal facilities are excellent, and indeed, this is where many families mingle. As such, it is a highly desirable village in terms of rentals.

7. Silk Road

Silk Road is on Soi Chaiyapruek 2 in East Pattaya and is renowned for its Mediterranean design. The roads are wide, and the properties are unique, making it more attractive than some other villages. The communal facilities are as good as any you will find, and again, it is a village which has continually been popular with expats.