Many expat families prefer to live in some of the outstanding villages that can be found predominantly in East Pattaya and Jomtien. Often, these families choose to live in villages that already have a well-established expat community. It means that making friends is easier, and often children have peers of a similar age who they can play with. Naturally, this makes for a happier home life for everyone. Here are just eight villages that are renowned for having a large expat population and excellent community spirit.

  1. Silk Road

Silk Road is located on Soi Chiayapruek 2 in East Pattaya, and the design of the properties is unique in that it adopts a Mediterranean style which appeals, particularly to Europeans. The roads are wide and spacious, and the facilities are excellent, including a large swimming pool and tennis courts. The village is home to people of all different nationalities.

  1. Greenfield Villas 2

In reality, all Greenfield Villas villages have significant expat populations with the properties designed very much to western tastes and standards. Greenfield Villas 2 is one of the more established and larger villages and again has superb communal facilities. Most expats are from Europe or Australia, but there is an eclectic blend of nationalities and a strong sense of community.

  1. Sedona Villas

Sedona Villas is a relatively small village in East Pattaya, on the far side of Mabprachan Lake, not far from Siam Country Club. The village is quieter than the others on our list, and all the villas are nicely spread out, giving residents more privacy. However, there is still a friendly and welcoming atmosphere amongst the expats and Thais.

  1. The Vineyards

It is hard to select one particular Vineyard village as they are all superb and made up predominantly of expats and their families. The properties are all large with private pools, and residents can enjoy their privacy. Although the communal facilities are somewhat lacking, in many ways, this is one of the attractions of the villages.

  1. Siam Royal View

Siam Royal View is one of the largest villages in East Pattaya and is located at the top of Soi Khao Talo. The village is made up of properties of all sizes and offers impressive views across Jomtien and Pattaya. The village has a large population, many of whom are expats and have lived there for some time. There are several houses available as well as a few plots of land.

  1. SP 5

Like the Greenfield Villages, the SP villages all have large expat populations, but the largest is probably on SP5, which is the biggest of all the communities. Conveniently located on Soi Siam Country Club, the village is perfect for easy access to the highways, Central Pattaya, and both the Rugby and Regents international schools.

  1. View Talay Villas

View Talay Villas is a well-established village and the start of Jomtien 2nd Road. It is a surprisingly quiet village given its location with a range of properties of all sizes available. Most people that live in the village are expats, and the facilities are excellent. Each property is surrounded by high walls giving extra privacy.

  1. Jomtien Park Villas

Jomtien Park Villas is located at the top of Rompho Market in Jomtien. The village comprises several large pool villas which are well spaced out. Again, the majority of residents are expats. The facilities and security are superb, and the village is in a convenient location for getting to other areas of Pattaya or beyond.