Most modern condos include a fitness center; however, these facilities’ quality can sometimes leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately, suppose a good quality gym and overall fitness facilities are important to you. In that case, our brief guide will hopefully give you some insight into some of the best options around.


Northshore can be found at the foot of Soi 5 on the corner of Pattaya Beach Road. The fitness centre is located midway up the building on the same floor at the pool deck and has an outstanding selection of machines and free weights.

2.Novana Residence

The Novana Residence is located just off Pattaya Third Road in South Pattaya. The condo has an excellent fitness area considering that the development is relatively small. If you stay here, you won’t need to take out a gym membership!

3.The Riviera (Wongamat & Jomtien)

Condos by The Riviera Group are up there amongst the best in the area when it comes to the facilities and indeed the fitness equipment in their condos in Jomtien and Wongamat are as good as you will find anywhere. In addition to the equipment, you can also enjoy superb views whilst you are exercising.

4.Grand Avenue Residence

The Grand Avenue is located on Soi 15, Pattaya Second Road, and is close to Soi Buakhao. Along with being in a top location, the condo’s fitness facilities are excellent and the perfect place to burn off a few excess calories and build muscle mass thanks to their range of machines and free weights.

5.City Centre Residence

City Centre Residence is situated off Pattaya Third Road in Central Pattaya. The condo represents excellent value for money, especially when you consider that you have access to some magnificent fitness equipment that is kept well maintained. Again a selection of aerobic and anaerobic equipment is available.

6.Centric Sea

Centric Sea is located on Pattaya Second Road, close to the junction with Pattaya Klang. It is a high-rise condominium that is ideally located for everything that Pattaya has to offer. If you enjoy keeping yourself in shape, you will relish using the gym facilities on this property.


It is hard to accept that Northpoint is now over a decade old, but it remains in superb condition. Just like its sister condo Northshore, the gym facilities are outstanding, and you can enjoy some stunning views whilst you are doing your routine. You will find ample choice in terms of free weights and machines.

8.The Zire

The Zire is again located on Naklua Soi 16 next to its sister condo Northpoint, and just like Northshore and its sibling, it is another outstanding offer from Raimon Land. All the facilities in this condo are superb, and the fantastic management teams always ensure that everything is in full working order, and this also applies to the gym equipment.


Cetus is located midway along Jomtien Beach Road and is another condo with excellent fitness facilities. If you enjoy living in Jomtien and the condo’s gym is one of the essential items on your list, it is worth taking a look around this development.