When we picture living abroad in a warm climate, almost all of us will have envisaged a villa with a private swimming pool. Of course, in a country like Thailand, especially in a city such as Pattaya that has a resort-like feel, it seems very appropriate. However, do your dreams of owning your own private swimming pool match the reality, or is it just an expensive luxury that you would be much better without. We get frequent feedback from clients and here are just a few of the things we hear that will help you decide if it really is what you want at your home.

The Advantages

1. “It’s a private environment to relax and unwind”

If you have been at work all day, there is not better than taking a quick dip away from others in your own pool. You can relax with your thoughts or with family without having to worry about other residents imposing on your “me time”. Hearing how much homeowners and tenants appreciate privacy is one of the most common bits of feedback that we get.

2. “All my friends are impressed and love coming to my home!”

It is certainly something that will boost your ego as a private pool is impressive. It is a comment that we frequently hear, particularly from wives of expats who maybe aren’t working. In this sense, it helps them to fill the boredom, which is often a standard feature mentioned in blogs written by expat wives around the world.

3. “I actually swim everyday”

We all know that we should do more exercise, but having a private pool does tend to encourage people to partake in some daily activities. It may be because it is cooler than other forms of exercise, perhaps it’s the privacy or just the convenience of it being quite literally, “just outside your back door”. Whatever your reason, they do seem to encourage people to exercise.

4. “I can’t believe how much my property increased in value!”

Installing a private pool in the first place is expensive, but it can add several hundred thousand baht if not more to value of your property – if you get the work done correctly! It also makes your house more saleable and adds curb appeal, which can encourage buyers or renters to explore further.

The Disadvantages

1. “I didn’t realise how expensive they were”

One of the first things you will notice after you have installed a private pool is how your utility bills will rise. Your pump will need to be run several times a day to maintain the water quality, and this isn’t cheap and, being in a hot climate, the water evaporates faster, so your water consumption will increase. It is also worth checking your house insurance policy too, as the premium may increase sharply.

2. “There is so much to do!”

A private swimming pool needs a lot of ongoing maintenance from checking the water quality and frequent cleaning to re-grouting and repairing tiles. Ensuring that when the pool is installed correctly in the first place will save you a lot of problems, but expect there to be some issues!

3. “I always have to watch my children and pets when they are in the garden”

Private swimming pools pose a hazard for young children and pets if they aren’t fenced off. What can seem like an idyllic place for your children to grow up, can quickly turn into a nightmare, for you at least, as you are on your constant guard.

4. “There is always something!”

There are lots of hidden extras with pools such as new filters and chemicals for the water as well as cleaning. Although they may seem relatively small, they can soon rack up and become quite hefty amounts.