It is sometimes easy to overlook the fact that Pattaya is a beach resort and focus mainly on the nightlife and the other great forms of entertainment which are available. Inevitably, some beaches are better than others, but we will work from Wongamat in the north to Bang Saray in the south while not forgetting the island of Koh Larn.

Wongamat Beaches

There are several beaches in the Wongamat area with the main beach in front of the major hotels and condos being the most obvious. However, the small coves in front of The Palm as well as the one in front of The Cove, heading toward the Cape Dara Hotel are probably the best. Some water sports are available near the Centara, but this is limited while there are plenty of places to buy drinks or get a massage.

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach is probably the worst of the beaches in Pattaya. It is where most of the speedboats taking tourists across to Koh Larn depart from and, as such, the waters aren’t particularly clean. Also, during the rainy season, there can be issues with sand getting washed away. Nevertheless, the promenade is still a charming place to walk. If you wish to take part in parasailing, most of the vendors can be found in this area.

Beaches in Pratamnak

Most of the beaches in Pratamnak are clean, and the waters are significantly better than in Pattaya. Cozy Beach is probably the best beach and is not surprisingly very popular. However, even during the high season, you will be able to find somewhere to sit or lay. The beaches in this area tend to have fewer hawkers that can make it more relaxing. Limited water sport options are available.

Dongtan Beach

Dongtan Beach is a picturesque beach situated between Pratamnak and Jomtien. It is a pleasant place to walk and relax. The area is popular with the region’s gay community, but everyone made to feel welcome, and it is a family-friendly beach. It is possible to get drinks and refreshments along this beach, although the options for water sports are limited.

Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach is a far cleaner version of Pattaya Beach and has many of the same characteristics. The promenade area is a nice place to walk, refreshments are available, and you will also find a range of water sports available although not quite to the same degree as in Pattaya.

Na Jomtien and Bang Saray Beaches

Na Jomtien Beach is the leading water sports area where you can do wakeboarding, windsurfing and kit surfing. The beaches are excellent, and the waters are clean. Bang Saray Beach is arguably the best in the area and is lined with trees, relaxing bars and restaurants. The beach is becoming increasingly popular but is clean and largely unspoilt.

Koh Larn

The island of Koh Larn is the large island that is clearly visible off Pattaya. It has several beaches, but the most popular are Samae Beach and Tawaen Beach. The waters are cleaner than in Pattaya, and this is a fantastic day trip for beach lovers and sun worshippers. Of course, there are plenty of places to eat and get refreshments.