Buying Property in Pattaya

Foreigners can buy property in Thailand, but you should consult a professional Real Estate Agent and/or seek legal advice from a reputable local lawyer before committing to anything because the laws and regulations relating to buying property in Pattaya, Thailand will be very different from your home country. Once you understand the process and the requirements you may buy with confidence or you may prefer to simply rent. Either way Alan Bolton Property Consultants can assist you to find your perfect home.

Alan Bolton Property Consultants is an accredited member of the Real Estate Brokers Association of Thailand and the Realtor® network and is an officially recognized property broker in Pattaya. Furthermore Alan Bolton has been in Pattaya since 1985 and has many years of experience selling real estate in the eastern seaboard area. This experience is vital when valuing property accurately and in understanding the investment potential of any property purchase.

You can be assured of the firms in-depth knowledge of the market because of our fully qualified management both local and expatriate along with a sales team that has many years experience in the Pattaya Property Market.

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