With Pattaya being far quieter than what most of us are used to, it gives people more opportunity to partake in some DIY and get those few jobs finished around the house. You will find an abundance of “Mama and Papa” types of shops where you can pick up a few items, but in most cases, especially for those who are serious about DIY, they won’t have what you are looking for. In these instances, you will need to look to one of the bigger stores in the city. These four options are well equipped for all your DIY needs, along with being useful for those working in the building industry.

1.Thai Watsadu

Thai Watsuda is the company that many Thais working in the construction industry turn to when they need something. They are familiar with what most foreigners want and are very well-equipped stocking most items that you will require regardless of your project’s size. Unlike many Thai stores, it is well laid out, making finding the things you need a lot easier. Considering that it is one of the major players, the prices are very competitively priced. Many of the staff speak reasonable English, although the website is mainly in Thai.


Boonthavorn is another of the DIY stores that are popular with Thais and tends to stock everything you would need, but without a doubt, their main focus is kitchens and bathrooms. The prices are slightly higher than Thai Watsuda, although the staff tends to be more knowledgeable and can offer helpful advice that may save you stress and hassle further down the line! The website is available in English, but we would recommend taking photos of what you need to show staff to save any confusion. Like many store shops, they frequently run promotions when some serious discounts are available.


Homepro is the DIY firm that most people will be aware of thanks to their heavy advertising and the fact that their branches are usually in prominent places. There are two outlets in Pattaya, one in Big C Extra on Pattaya Klang and the other on the Sukhumvit Road in South Pattaya. They are well stock in much the same way as the previously mentioned stores, but unfortunately, they are not so logically laid out! This can make finding the items that you are searching for more challenging than should be the case! The prices and levels of English spoken are comparable with all the major players, although their website is perhaps the easiest to follow.


Pornchai often goes overlooked by many foreigners but never by Thais who know what they are looking for! They can be found at the top of North Pattaya Road, next to the bus station. The shop is considerably smaller than the alternatives, but it is the perfect place to go if you are searching for something a little more obscure. The owners and all the employees clearly have a passion for DIY so they generally know what you are looking for or can suggest alternatives. If they haven’t got the item that you are looking for, in most cases, they will order it on your behalf.