Earning a passive income is an objective of many people these days, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is via investment properties. Within interest rates offered by banks at all-time lows; the yields from property, often well in excess of 5% p.a. are incredibly attractive. Pattaya is an attractive option for investors with the Easter Economic Corridor (EEC), expanding meaning thousands of more jobs are coming to the area. Also, the city is still highly appealing to tourists even during the current problems.

Investment properties are available all across Pattaya and have a different appeal to different groups.


Wongamat to the north of Pattaya has long been popular with expats and tourists, so there is little surprise that there are some attractive options in the area. Northpoint is popular with corporate rentals thanks to the excellent management team and superb facilities. Riviera Wongamat is another stunning and modern option that is appealing to a wide audience, including those working in the area, retirees and tourists.

Central Pattaya

Central Pattaya naturally has a broad audience and is particularly popular for retirees who don’t have their own transport along with expats and tourists who like to be close to the nightlife. The Grand Avenue Residence, which is situated behind the Avenue shopping mall and just off Soi Buakhao, is perfect for those who like the bright lights of LK Metro. The facilities are excellent and it easy to get to other places in the city.

View Talay 6 is located next to Central Festival shopping mall on Pattaya 2nd Road and is a mid-range property with relatively spacious rooms. The Base and Centric Sea are also on 2nd Road between Pattaya Klang and North Pattaya Road, again making it an extremely convenient location. City Centre Residence, another stylish modern property is just off Pattaya 3rd Road, and while the area may not be quite so convenient, the prices are marginally lower to reflect this.

All of these properties have easy access to Sukhumvit Road, Highway 7 and Walking Street. Each of the properties would be suitable for families, so will, of course, have a high appeal for those looking to rent and have high occupancy rates throughout the year.

South Pattaya

South Pattaya is a location which is popular with families and properties such as the Unixx have a substantial appeal. Again, with high occupancy rates, it is naturally appealing for investors. The excellent management team mean that the property will also retain its value, unlike some of the cheaper options that you may find in the city.


Jomtien is another popular stop for both expats and tourists, so it is an obvious place for investors to purchase rental properties. While there are lots of options that are available View Talay 2 and View Talay 5 are some of the stand out choices. View Talay 2 is older, and cheaper, which makes it an option for more investors and renters. View Talay 5 is in a quieter location, new and overlooks Dongtan Beach, but as you would imagine, the prices are also higher.