There are some fantastic artists in Pattaya, many of whom are incredibly eager to get their skills recognised while at the same time earning some money. There are art shops all across the city where they display artwork by some of the more famous artists in Thailand. Of course, this is fantastic, but often the images have little personal relevance other than it may be something that catches your eye.

General Artwork

For those searching for quality pieces of art, there are several places where you can look. We have already mentioned the numerous art shops, but you will also find plenty of stalls in the larger supermarkets such as Big C Extra or Tesco Lotus. It is an opportunity to pick up a bargain although haggling is not often welcomed. Remember, the people on these stalls are rarely the artists themselves so often have very little flexibility in terms of price.

Lukdod is another option if you are looking for something relatively cheap to remind you of your holiday in Pattaya. It is located just off North Pattaya Road and has a vast array of items for sale. It does aim predominantly at the tourist market, so this should not be overlooked and indeed welcomes tour coaches. They also sell a range of picture frames that could compliment something that you already have.

Something Personal

If you are looking for more personal artwork, then you won’t be disappointed! Sadly, Art Street, which used to be located next to Mike Shopping Mall, is long gone but the artists are still around. Many can be found close to the underpass at the bottom of Thappraya Road with shops selling art produced by different local artists. Of course, different styles are available, and you do have the opportunity to ask the artists to paint something especially for you.

Some artists specialise in portraits and some focus on the scenery while some are excellent at copying existing artwork or working from photos. It is worth shopping around in this area as the prices and the standard can vary. Remember, most shops will have a number of artists that showcase their work there, so don’t be put off if you don’t immediately see something that catches your eye.

Other places in the city include Mana Studio on Soi Photisan in Naklua and the Picture Framing Shop on Thepprasit Soi 8. Both of these places concentrate more on framing artwork, although they do display work from local artists. Often it is possible to speak to the artists either in person in the shop or over the phone. However, we would recommend going with a Thai speaker as sometimes the levels of English spoken is a little limited.

Festivals and Celebrations

Finally, Beach Road is frequently closed when there is a festival or celebration taking place. At this time the road is adorned with stalls selling quite literally everything. Perhaps not surprisingly, you will often find artists selling their paintings. Many come from other areas of Thailand so you may get the opportunity to buy something a little different.