Over the years Pattaya has had some superb developers such as the Nova Group, Heights Holdings, and Raimon Land but they are now less active than they were a few years ago. In the last couple of years and now in 2020, the developers that are making waves are slightly different. Some you may be familiar with and some perhaps not as much. In this article, we aim to give you a brief rundown on those more active at present.

1. Global Top Group

The Global Top Group has been active in Pattaya for the last two decades having first come to prominence with the City Garden Condo in Central Pattaya. They have had several other “City Garden” projects as well as The Cloud and Paradise Ocean View. Their current project is Marina Golden Bay which will be situated on Thepprasit Road in Jomtien and is predicted to be another success story.

2. Arcadia

Arcadia has been around Pattaya for a few years now and their new project, the Grand Solaire located just off Thappraya Road, is anticipated to be another notable project. The company is well-established, which should give investors confidence and has continually proved that they understand the market in Pattaya.

3. Riviera Group

The Riviera Group has been one of the most active players in recent years with their first entry into the market being with The Palm in Wongamat working in conjunction with the Nova Group. Since then, they have completed projects in their own right, including The Riviera Wongamat and The Riviera Jomtien. They currently have Riviera Monaco and Riviera Ocean Drive projects which are ongoing.

4. New Nordic

The New Nordic Group has been active in Pattaya for around 20 years and is responsible for the distinctive orange properties which you will see in the Pratamnak area. Initially, they focused on building condos, but now their target audience is investors buying multiple units and renting them out (through the New Nordic Group) to tour groups. They are perhaps the ones most synonymous with the rental guarantee deals.

5. Palm Bay Group

The Palm Bay Group is a relative newcomer. However, they have an abundance of experience of the Pattaya market with the group’s owner has been responsible for a series of luxury villas at the Phoenix Golf Club. Their first project as the Palm Bay Group was Palm Springs Villa which was completed in 2019. They have several ongoing projects including Palm Bay 1, Palm Ocean, and Palm Lakeside.

6. Matrix Developments Group

The Matrix Group is one of the longest established developers in Pattaya and has witnessed firsthand the changing face of Pattaya. Some of their most notable projects include The Vision, The View, and City Center Residence although there are several more.

7. Platinum Property Group

The Platinum Property Group has been in operation since 2007 and is maybe best known for The Lofts, The Place, and The Point in Pratamnak. Their latest projects have been The Jewel, again in Pratamnak and the Sea Zen in Bang Saray.