Now that things are slowly starting to return to normal, many people are keen to maintain their fitness regimes which they started during the pandemic. For most this will have involved brisk walks, perhaps some yoga at home or maybe some other form of daily workout. If you are looking to keep yourself in shape, here are some excellent places which are outside and, best of all, free!

Outdoor Gym Pratamnak

If you don’t live in Pratamnak you may be unaware that there is an open-air resistance gym which is available to the public which is located across the road from the Royal Cliff Hotel. They have a wide range of equipment which is in good condition. Surprisingly, it is underused so you won’t have to wait long for the equipment that you want, unlike some of the main gyms in the city. While it certainly does have the same facilities as say Fairtex, it is a great option for those just looking to keep in shape.

Buddha Mountain

Buddha Mountain, again in Pratamnak area, is a great place to go in the morning or evening when it isn’t too warm. You will find many people walk or jogging around the hill (mountain), away from traffic and taking in the magnificent views. It is shaded most of the way around so is a cooler option. There is some parking available close to the entrance which is ideal for motorbikes but a little limited for cars.

Mabprachan Reservoir

The path around the Mabprachan Reservoir, which was fully opened last year, is another excellent place to walk, run, or cycle away from the traffic. It is a fantastic place to go if you are looking for some peace and quiet and it gives you an opportunity to think, overlooking the water, or more accurately at the moment, where the water used to be! It is ideal for those living in East Pattaya.

Pattaya & Jomtien Beach Front

If you don’t live in East Pattaya but are still keen to go for a walk or run, the promenades of Pattaya and Jomtien are the perfect place. They offer the shade of the palm trees, are a good, flat surface, and are relatively quiet at the moment. There are plenty of places where you can stop and sit if you need to take a break. The only downside with these locations is the fumes from the traffic and boats although this isn’t too bad at the moment.

Cycling Routes

If you are a keen cyclist, there are several cycling routes around Pattaya. Of course, you could cycle around Mabprachan Reservoir and some of the roads off there if you are looking to extend your route, but for the more serious cyclist, this may be a bit short. There are some excellent routes to the Silverlake Vineyard, Ban Chang, Sattahip, or even Bang Saen. The latter two options are probably more suited to experienced cyclists as a large portion of the routes are on Sukhumvit Road.