In Pattaya, we have always been blessed with some fantastic options when it comes to English breakfast in Pattaya. Most places represent excellent value for money and the quality of the produce used in continually improving. We all know of the fantastic breakfasts that are available at I-Rover, Sportsman, Hemingway’s, and Retox bars, so rather than going over old ground, in the article we will focus on those often-overlooked but fully deserving a mention. There are lots of other great places, so let us know your favourite!

1. Fletcher’s Folly

Located on Soi Siam Country Club, Fletcher’s Folly is a delightful small venue owned by Kim Fletcher’s formerly of Jameson’s. Although the décor is very different, the choice of breakfast available along with the clientele is very similar to what was on offer at his previous venue. The breakfast uses quality ingredients and comes with the standard items plus orange juice and a choice of tea or coffee.

2. Nicky’s Guesthouse

Nicky’s can be found on Soi Buakhao and is often overlooked by many who are perhaps spoilt for choice when it comes to breakfast. The food is excellent and always has been using quality ingredients and cooked in a very traditional style. It is one of the best value breakfasts in the area, certainly when you consider the quality. The venue is also quieter than some others around, which some may find more appealing.

3. Jaybees

Jaybees is in Jomtien Soi 4 and is now under new management and is another of the popular venues that are known to offer excellent value for the money. The breakfast is delicious and includes all the usual ingredients. It is available all day to suit the later rises. It is a popular haunt with expats in the area, although like many places, is finding the lack of tourists a concern. For those who fancy stopping on after breakfast, the beer prices are also very reasonable.

4. Moonie’s Kitchen

Moonie’s Kitchen is located on Soi Nernplabwan in East Pattaya and offers an excellent value English breakfast which is available all day. The breakfast isn’t too big, which is a common complaint about some of the better-known venues but is enough for those with a regular appetite. They use good quality ingredients and includes 2 eggs, 2 sausage, bacon, baked beans and, of course, toast. The bar portraits itself very much like a sports bar so the breakfast can be enjoyed while you are watching the game.

5. Nadia’s Kitchen

Nadia’s Kitchen is located on Soi Bongkot and is a stylish open bar. They have an excellent range of breakfasts available, including breakfast sandwiches. Nadia’s use Cumberland sausage for their breakfast which will appeal to people craving the taste of home! It is a very good value, and the quantities are about right for a regular eater.

6. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is situated in the Pattaya Heights condo in South Pattaya. It is a place that has undergone several name changes in recent years, but the breakfasts have remained consistently good. Peaky Blinders often receives mixed reviews, although there are continued questions whether this is some personal grudge as it represents excellent value for money in an air-conditioned environment.