There are some excellent places to live in Pattaya from the upmarket beach locations of Pratamnak and Wongamat to the more sedate Bang Saray. Undoubtedly, all the major areas have something to offer; it just down to you and what suits your lifestyle. Of course, how long you will be staying in Pattaya and if you have your own transport will be big factors but, for the sake of this article, we will assume that you are here long-term and have your own transport.

Better Environment for Families

Arguably the biggest advantage of living in East Pattaya is that it is better for families. While downtown Pattaya has undoubtedly cleaned up its image in recent years, there are still certain things that you wouldn’t want children to witness. In East Pattaya, you can live a more “normal life”, and it is far more akin to family life in Europe, the US or Australia. The fact that many of the schools are closer to this area is an added bonus, and there is also a large expat community, so making friends is straightforward.

Quieter and Less Congested

The nightlife in downtown Pattaya goes on until the early hours in some locations, particularly in Central Pattaya and can be quiet noisy. Also, with large numbers of tour coaches on the roads, getting around can be challenging due to congestion, not to mention the noise created by the buses and the pollution that they cause. It is not really something that you encounter in East Pattaya, especially the further you get away from Sukhumvit Road.

Transport Links

As we have touched upon, congestion in central areas of Pattaya can be a problem, especially during busy periods. This can mean that just getting to the main road links in and out of Pattaya can take a long time. However, the Highways 7 & 36 can be easily reached from most areas of East Pattaya, significantly reducing traveling times – something which is perfect for commuters with many expats working on the Eastern Seaboard.

Excellent Villages

While downtown Pattaya may have a monopoly on the best condos, East Pattaya steals the bragging rights when it comes to the best villages. There are some superb luxury villages in the area as well as other good quality communities that would suit any budget. If you prefer to live in a house rather than a condo, then East Pattaya will give you far more options and, in many cases, better value for money.

Excellent Choice of Restaurants and Bars

It is often something that gets overlooked, but East Pattaya has an excellent selection of bars and restaurants, many of which are family-friendly. The choice and range of food is superb and often represents better value for money, not to mention that they are easier to get to and often have more parking.

Easy Access to Pattaya!

Of course, just because you live in East Pattaya, it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on any of the fantastic things that the city has to offer. From almost all locations, you can get back into the city with 20-30 minutes, giving you the best of both worlds!