Here and Alan Bolton Property Consultants, one of the most common questions that we get asked is about renting a motorbike in Pattaya. Of course, we always warn people of the potential dangers as well as the need to have a valid license. We only recommend reputable companies, so although you may be able to get a bike cheaper, you can be confident that bikes from these companies are roadworthy and reliable.

North Pattaya

Zoride Motorbike Rental

Zoride Motorbike Rental is another of the very well respected motorbike rental companies in Pattaya. They have an extensive range of “twist and go” bikes, but they also have manual options with several bikes above 155cc available. If you are a more experienced rider and looking to travel longer distances rather than just around Pattaya, Zoride may be the best option for you.

Central Pattaya

Take It Easy Car & Bike Rental

Another of the western owned rental companies in Pattaya, Take it Easy Car & Bike Rental is located in New Plaza between Pattaya 2nd Road and Soi Buakhao. Once again, all of the bikes available are “twist and go” with some small bikes available. These bikes are more suited to ladies who are of a slighter build such the Scoopy. The service is of the highest order, and the bikes are well maintained, and they are another company that are open 7-days a week.

South Pattaya

Speed Bike Motorbike Rentals

Speed Bike Motorbike Rentals are another of the reputable bike rental companies in Pattaya. They can be found on Soi Bongkai and have a wide range of “twist and go” bikes available, many of which are in the 150cc to 155cc category. The bikes are well maintained, and the services of service are also good.


Pattaya Rent a Bike

One of the longest established motorbike rental companies in Pattaya is Pattaya Rent a Bike, part of Pattaya Rent a Car. They can be found between Pratamnak Soi 4 and Soi 5. They have an extensive range of bikes which are ideal for Pattaya’s roads, all of which are “twist and go” with engine sizes of 155cc or less. One of the major benefits is that they are open 7-days a week with easy booking and cancellation options. The service is to a western standard with official and totally transparent rental agreements.

East Pattaya

Eastside Rentals

Eastside Rentals are situated on Soi Khao Talo in East Pattaya. They have a smaller selection of bikes, many of which are around the 155cc. These bikes are excellent for the “larger” expat as they are considerably more powerful, not to mention more comfortable than the standard 125cc bikes such as the Honda Click.

BP Rentals

Located on Soi Khao Noi, BP Rentals are another of the options that are great for those living on the “Darkside”. Amazingly, they have over 300 bikes available, ranging in engine sizes and manufacturers. Should you so require, they do have some bikes that come with sidecars (although ABPC would warn about the legality of this). The prices are very reasonable with some older bikes available.