While this article refers more to houses, it could be equally applicable to those who live in condos. We are always told that our “home is our castle”, and in the vast majority of cases this is true but we all have our favorite rooms for one reason and another so deciding which the most important room can be tricky. Often it will depend very much on the angle that you are looking from. Are you looking at it from your personal perspective or that of a potential buyer or renter? Here is our brief guide to important rooms in homes.


If you are planning to keep your property, the bedroom is likely to be one of your favorite rooms. It is your sanctuary, the place where you rest and enjoy time alone or with your partner. It is often regarded as one of the most relaxing rooms in the home and indeed, usually the room where significant sums of money are spent on bedding and other furnishings. You probably spend as much time in the bedroom like any other single room, so, for this reason, we have ranked it as the most important.


Continuing on the theme of relaxing, the lounge is another room in your home where you will spend a significant amount of time. It may be watching TV, looking at your phone as well as being a place where you spend family time and mix with friends. Although it is not as personal as the bedroom, it is still a room that people take immense pride in and intend to keep looking in pristine condition all the time.


The kitchen is another room that is crucial and is particularly relevant if you are looking at selling or renting your property. There have been numerous studies that have suggested that the kitchen is often the room that is the “deal clincher” when it comes to property sales. An impressive kitchen is always appealing to buyers, so if you are looking to sell your property, you will probably want to make sure it is in an immaculate state for viewings.


Another room that has a significant impact on buyers is the bathroom. A dirty or old fashioned bathroom will be an instant turnoff for buyers. It may raise questions about the house’s general state or alternatively, the buyers may be so repulsed that they decided to go elsewhere! Of course, we are not saying that this is the case with you, but it is worth keeping in mind that it will impact buyers.


We all know that first impressions count, and this is no different when it comes to your home. It would help if you always endeavored to make sure that the house smells fresh and that shoes are put away neat and tidy. Although it is arguably not as critical as either the kitchen or the bathroom, you want to capture visitors’ and potential buyers’ imagination as soon as they walk into the property.