Many people who come to Pattaya decide to get a tattoo while they are here. Of course, for most people, it is something that they planned to do before they arrived. However, for others, it can be a spur of the moment decision. We are not here to judge you or to discuss your reasons for getting a tattoo just offer some tips on things that you should consider before getting one done!

General Points

It should go without saying that a tattoo is for life and although they can be removed in often leaves some scarring. Before getting a tattoo, you should consider whether it is something that you really want. Remember, in some cultures, tattoos are still frowned upon and can sometimes have a detrimental effect when you apply for jobs. Also, think about the design or message that you want to have done. It may be appropriate now, but what about in 20 years?

Many people who come to Pattaya fall in love but think carefully before getting your new beau’s name tattooed on your body! How long have you known this person and are they really “the one”? It could quite easily be a holiday romance, so don’t jump into getting something done after only knowing them for a few days.

Hygiene & Safety

The most important thing that you should consider when getting a tattoo anywhere, not just in Pattaya is hygiene and safety. Are the premises clean and sterile? Inevitably when you are getting a tattoo done, it will draw blood which will also pose a risk. The equipment must be thoroughly sterilised with a new needle used every time. There is the obvious danger of HIV along with sepsis or other less severe, although still unpleasant complications if the equipment isn’t sterile.

Quality of Artist

Pattaya has dozens of tattoo artist and, of course, some will be better than others. It is worth asking friends or people you meet who they would recommend. If you are on holiday, this may be harder, in which case, searching online or asking to see their portfolio is advisable. If you are asking for something to be written, make sure YOU right it down clearly first to avoid any embarrassing spelling mistakes! The tattooist is unlikely to be fluent in your native language, so double-check everything.


On the positive side, getting a tattoo done in Pattaya will be considerably cheaper than getting it done in your home country. The standard, so long as you shop around, will also be comparable, so you have the opportunity to save some serious money, especially if you are getting a larger tattoo done.


If you are thinking about getting a larger tattoo done, you need to consider the amount of time that it will take. If you are on holiday in Pattaya, do you have time to get it completed before you go home? Getting a tattoo is painful, so it is probably both unwise and not feasible to get work done on consecutive days. Use common sense and don’t make foolish decisions because you are in “holiday mood”.