Most of us will never have experienced anything like the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic. While restrictions are being lifted and haven’t been as severe, in many ways, like other places in the world, they have certainly altered our lives and perhaps our outlook. With restrictions on the sale of alcohol in bars and restaurants, as well as social distancing still in place, here are just a few of the things that you could consider during the lockdown and social distancing.

Walks/Cycles around Mabprachan Reservoir

Many of the expats in Pattaya will freely admit that they should do more exercise but often don’t have the time or have better things to do. Now is the perfect opportunity with many of the usual distractions being closed. Walks or cycles around the Mabprachan Reservoir are not only relaxing and healthy; they are free! It is a great way to blow away a few cobwebs, not to mention shed a few kilos. Of course, if you don’t live in East Pattaya, there are plenty of other places to do something similar.

Learn Thai

How many of us have vowed to learn Thai but never really got past first base? Again, with many distractions being closed and most people having more free time on their hands than what they are used to, could now be the chance to do some language practice. There are lots of courses available online with some of the language schools also starting to open their doors. If all that sounds a little too rigid, why not ask a friendly Thai person where you live?

Take an Online Course

You can never have too many strings to your bow, and with more time on your hands as well as numerous offers being available, you could do a course online which could pave the way to a new career or give you a new skill or hobby. Not only are they a practical option, but they are heaps of fun and rewarding. As the courses are online, they can be based anywhere in the world and are usually transferable.

Home Improvements

How long have you been talking about painting the bedroom or making the garden look a bit more respectable? Yes, it is hot, and it is time-consuming, but quite frankly, you have got bags of time on your hands at the moment so, no time like the present! If you are planning on selling your property, it could add a significant amount of value, while if you are planning to stay where you are, it makes it a pleasanter place to live.

Charity Work

It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice in Pattaya, the plight of some Thai nationals and indeed some expats and tourists who have been caught up in the coronavirus pandemic. Many organizations have set up food stalls supplying much-needed food and water to these people. Of course, the usual charities that do a fantastic job in the city, such as the Father Ray Foundation still need your help. This help doesn’t have to be monetary; it can just be your time, so why not try to give a little back?