Regardless of if you live in Jomtien or are visiting for holiday or business, from time to time, regrettably, people become ill. In more serious cases, we would certainly recommend that you go to one of the major international hospitals. However, for minor ailments, Jomtien has some excellent doctor’s clinics that offer a reliable and knowledgeable service. Of course, we are always aware that everyone’s experience is different and you will inevitably read bad reviews, but on the whole, these are regarded as good clinics.

Clinics with International Affiliations

These clinics are either partially owned by an internationally qualified doctor or are linked to an international hospital.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

The Bangkok Hospital Pattaya has a clinic which is, obviously affiliated with the hospital on Sukhumvit Road, almost opposite the junction for Thepprasit Road. It is one of the few clinics in Pattaya, which is open 24-hours a day and naturally, has excellent facilities with some of the best trained medical professionals. They can conduct more tests and perform more procedures and treatments than regular clinics, although they are, as you would imagine, more expensive.

Dr. Oliver Clinic

Dr. Oliver is a highly reputable doctor recommended by both the Swiss and French embassies in Thailand. He was qualified in Geneva, Switzerland and is situated on Thepprasit Road. He and his team can speak Thai, English, German and French, putting patients instantly at ease with his professional bedside manner. The clinic specialises in general medicine, tropical disease and overall wellbeing. With such an excellent reputation, it is not surprising that they have forged close links with all the hospitals in Pattaya. Medical certificates can again be issued which are generally accepted by insurance companies.

Regular Clinics in Jomtien

These clinics all have Thai doctors who are qualified in Thailand. All speak English with some other languages spoken.

Chanya Medical Clinic

Chanya Medical Clinic has a team of fully qualified doctors and nurses that are available, meaning that waiting times are kept to a minimum. It is a walk-in clinic that is located on Thappraya Road and has the facilities to perform a variety of tests in-house, along with standard treatments and some minor surgery. You will need to register with the clinic the first time you go, which will require your passport. The prices are reasonable, but for more serious conditions, you should always go to a hospital for a proper diagnosis.

Dr. Chanvit Clinic

The Dr. Chanvit Clinic is located on Pratamnak Road on the boundary of South Pattaya and Jomtien. They speak excellent English which will help to put your mind at ease, and it is another walk-in clinic. They concentrate on offering general medical advice and treating minor ailments, so again, if you have something more serious, we would recommend going to a hospital. They can issue medical