Most of us want some creature comforts from time to time, even when we live in a great place such as Pattaya. How many would put a good old fashioned burger into this category? While McDonald’s and Burger King might be perfect for some, these are large chains producing mass-produced food. Here are some of our suggestions for where you could get, in our opinion anyway, a better burger in Pattaya.

1. Teddy’s Burgers

Teddy’s Burger is located on the 2nd floor of Terminal 21, and they specialise in quality burgers and not fast food. It is a gourmet burger restaurant, so if you are prepared to wait, you will get something that is just that little bit extra special. Yes, Teddy’s is a franchise, but it a far cry from the better-known options. They stick to their tried and tested recipe, but they also have Hawaiian Burgers and Fish Fillet Burgers if you want something a bit different.

2. Jim’s Burgers & Beer

Jim’s Burgers can be found behind Central Marina, close to Differ Pub and are another burger joint that favours the gourmet burger option. Jim’s have a wider selection of burgers than Teddy’s, but they also have cheeseburgers and quarter pounders on the menu. In addition to being an excellent burger bar, they also stock an extensive range of local and imported beers.

3. Oz Burgers

It would be a tad unfair to call Oz Burgers a glorified burger van, but that is what they are in the best possible way. They have been serving up a wide range of burgers since 2009 from their locations on the corner of Soi Diana and Soi Buakhao as well as at Rompho Market in Jomtien. You can even have their burgers delivered by Door2Door!

4. Retox Bars

There are several Retox Bars in Pattaya including on Soi Lengkee and the Retox Outback on Soi Siam Country Club. All of the food serviced at their restaurants is “large”, and their burgers are certainly no different. There range includes lamb, chicken and vegetarian burgers which are served with coleslaw and thick-cut chips. The burgers offer excellent value for money and will satisfy even the largest of appetites.

5. Tigglebitties

Many locals regard the long-established Tigglebitties on Pattaya Tai 17 as the best American restaurant in the city. As a traditional American restaurant, it is little surprise that they cook up some awesome burgers! They are another of the restaurants that haven’t tried to do anything too flash, they believe in doing things well. The burgers are served with the usual accompaniments.

6. New York Diner

The New York Diner can be found in the i-Bar on Walking Street and are great for lining the stomach before or after a big night. They don’t offer anything notably different, just good quality burgers at the right price. You can get the standard salad as well as French fries with your burger. It is a place where you can watch the sunset looking across Pattaya Bay.