With much-needed efforts being made to improve driving standards in Thailand, driving schools are becoming increasingly common. Although there are several schools that you can choose from, most naturally aim at the Thai market so we have limited information that we can include in our guide. Here we have selected six of the best options available, ones which may be of use to you and your family.

1. Pattaya Driving School

Pattaya Driving School is probably one of the best-known driving schools in Pattaya and can be found on South Pattaya Road. They have a wide selection of courses to reflect the driver’s ability. In addition to the practical test, they will also assist the driver with the theory aspect of the test. The objective is to make safe, competent and confident drivers who are ready to drive around Pattaya. Prices tend to range between 6,500 Thai Baht and 8,000 Thai Baht.

2. ID Driver Chang

ID Driver Chang is a large driving school near Rugby School. The school is solely aimed at Thais but has all the facilities to help drivers prepare for both their theory and practical test. At their centre, they have created their own roads where you can practice, but it may be advisable to also do some driving on real roads before taking your test. It will help you to become accustomed to traffic, something that can’t be replicated.

3. Piyapat Driving School

Piyapat Driving School can be found on Soi Siam Country Club and has been established for several years. They have teachers that speak both English and German, which can be beneficial if you are learning to drive or if you are helping someone else learn. The fact that you learn on real roads in East Pattaya is a bonus as you get the experience without being to too heavy traffic initially.

4. Treat Driving School

Treat Driving School is perfect for those living in Jomtien as it is situated on Thepprasit Road. They are again a well-established school which says a lot about the quality of the teaching and they have new drivers coming from across Pattaya, which suggests that they have an excellent reputation. They have high pass rates, and their prices are very similar to other schools in the area.

5. Pattaya Klang Driving School

Pattaya Klang Driving School is not surprising located on Central Pattaya Road. They offer courses for both motorcycle and car drivers starting initially on quieter roads before taking you into the city to gain more experience. They are another school that report having high pass rates with the only downside being that they speak very little English. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if you are helping a Thai national to drive.

6. Driving School

Probably the easiest of names to remember on the list, Driving School is situated on Soi Khao Talo in East Pattaya. They have the same advantages as other schools in East Pattaya in that you initially start learning on quieter roads. They have a good reputation in the area, and they can speak some English which can be beneficial. Again their prices are comparable, and their pass rates are reported to be high.