Sport plays a surprisingly significant role in Pattaya, far more so than many people would believe. We are well aware of the golf and the water sports, but often the fact that the city has some first-class gyms goes overlooked. Most gyms cater for people of all abilities and in keeping with Pattaya; there is very much a “live and let live” attitude – something that unfortunately you don’t get in many other places in the world.

North Pattaya


Fairtex is probably the best-known gym in Pattaya and is world-famous as being a training camp for Muay Thai fighters and is located opposite Terminal 21 on North Pattaya Road. With this close association with professional athletes, it is probably to be expected that the facilities are of the highest order. Although they cater to everyone, they do target more for serious athletes. Fairtex has excellent sports massage facilities too to help ease any aches and pains.

Central Pattaya

Coco Fitness

Coco Fitness is located on the 4th floor of Mike’s Shopping Mall. It is a relatively new gym in the city and came to prominence when the shopping mall was renovated in 2018. The gym has all the latest equipment as well as offering magnificent views across Pattaya Bay. Like many gyms, they offer organised fitness classes and have a sauna and steam room where you can relax after your workout. Coco Fitness is suited for everyone from beginners to experts.

Fitness 7

Fitness 7 is a well-equipped gym on the 2nd floor at The Avenue Shopping Centre. It is a modern and stylish venue that welcomes gym-goers of all standards. They have a good selection of machines, although not as many as either of the two previous options but they do have an excellent free-weights section. It is good value for money if you take out a monthly membership.

Universe Gym

Universe Gym is a gym that offers some impressive incentives for couples to join. It can be found just off Pattaya Klang, not far from Harbor Mall. Universe Gym has professional trainers on hand to help beginners as well as professional athletes. They have an impressive range of machines so there will be something to suit people of all abilities.

East Pattaya

Castra Gym

For those living in East Pattaya, Castra Gym is arguably the best and largest option. The gym is situated at the top of Soi Khao Talo. It is a friendly and welcoming gym that is appropriate for everyone. Its primary target audience is bodybuilders as they have some of the heaviest weight plates in the area. They have machines for aerobic training as well as staging regular classes, including yoga. For the quality of the equipment, it is exceptionally well priced.


Bear Gym

Bear Gym is located on Soi Watboon Kanchana in Jomtien. Bear Gym caters for heavy lifters and has a wide range of supplements including whey protein available to improve your performance. The gym is spread across three separate floors, is well equipped and has professional trainers there who are on hand to show you the ropes.