Pattaya is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Asia with expats and tourist coming from all four corners of the globe. As a result, Pattaya serves up delicious cuisine from around the world and indeed, when it comes to Middle Eastern and Turkish food, remarkably similar dishes, the choice of restaurants in Pattaya is superb. Here are six of the best that are available in the city.


Omar Khayyam

Omar Khayyam is situated at the end of Naklua Soi 8 and offers some excellent sea views. It is probably one of the less well-known restaurants in Pattaya but with few Middle Eastern or Turkish restaurants in the area is does very well. They have an extensive menu, including some Thai dishes which may make it appealing for groups.

North Pattaya

Grillicious by Beirut

Grillicious by Beirut is a relatively new restaurant and can be found on the 2nd Floor of Terminal 21. The food is simply fantastic, and its presentation is of the highest order. The open kitchen lets you watch the chefs hard at work while the rest of the staff are attentive and helpful. The food portions are plentiful, and the prices are very reasonable. They have a good selection of drinks available and are welcoming of children.

Central Pattaya

Palace Restaurant

The Palace Restaurant and is a well-known and highly respected Middle Eastern restaurant in Pattaya. The restaurant is at Central Festival shopping mall on Pattaya Beach Road and offers stunning views across Pattaya Bay. They have an extensive menu that has plenty of variety, so there will undoubtedly be something for everyone to enjoy. The quality of the food is excellent, and this is reflected in the price. The Palace Restaurant does get busy, especially at weekends, so it is worth booking in advance if you are going for a special occasion.

A La Turca

A La Turca is the best known Turkish restaurant in Pattaya and also serves a range of Middle Eastern dishes. Around two years ago they moved into the Central Festival Shopping Mall, a move that has done wonders for their business. The food and levels of service are excellent but again, be aware that the prices are not the cheapest available. If you love Turkish food, it will be difficult to find anywhere better than A La Turca in the city.

South Pattaya

Abu Abd Allah

Abu Abd Allah is located on Pattaya Second Road in South Pattaya. They are a very traditional Middle Eastern restaurant that has a comprehensive menu. They have a strict “no alcohol” policy, so don’t offend them by asking! The prices are incredibly competitive, and the food quality is very good. However, very little English is spoken.


Anatolia is on Pattaya Beach Road and serves all the usual Turkish dishes. The food is prepared using the finest ingredients and cooked fresh. It is popular with Turkish nationals which is a compliment in itself, and they have an extensive drinks menu.