Regardless of if you are a property owner or you are just renting, if you are living in Pattaya for any significant length of time, there is a good chance that you periodically need to buy home electricals. Thankfully, it is relatively easy to pick up the items that you need. Some will be branded items such as Samsung or Tefal, while others could be local brands. Whatever you require, there will be something to match your budget.

1. NumChai

NumChai are one of the best known electrical companies in Thailand. They have two stores in Pattaya, one in Naklua which is mainly a service shop, and the main store on Sukhumvit Road. The shop on Sukhumvit Road has an outstanding range of items that will cover all of your needs. They are very reasonably priced and offer a home delivery service which is ideal for larger items. Unfortunately, their website is only available in Thai, which can make things difficult when searching online.

2. Power Buy

There are three Power Buy stores in Pattaya, one on Pattaya Klang, one in Central Festival and one at Tukcom on South Pattaya. The range of products that they sell is comparable with NumChai, although when it comes to computer equipment, Power Buy is probably the better option. Power Buy offer a delivery service as well as having the bonus that their website being available in English.

3. Tesco Lotus

Although predominantly a supermarket, Tesco Lotus does have a good selection of electrical products. These are mainly items such as washing machines, TVs and smaller appliances. Often the items are heavily discounted, so it is worth looking there if you are interested in buying something of significant value. It is only the main stores that stock electrical goods and the two stores in Pattaya are on North Pattaya Road and in South Pattaya on Sukhumvit Road.

4. Big C

In a similar manner to Tesco Lotus, Big C is a supermarket but also has a range of electrical items. It is another opportunity to pick up a bargain as they frequently have offers on and delivery is available. There are two main stores in Pattaya, one on Pattaya Klang and another on Sukhumvit Road in South Pattaya.

5. Home Pro

There are two Home Pro stores in Pattaya, one in the Big C Extra shopping complex on Pattaya Klang and one on Sukhumvit Road in North Pattaya. They are more of a hardware store, although if you are looking for air conditioning units, water heaters or electric showers, they are probably the best option. Home delivery is available, which is an advantage when it comes to bulkier or multiple items.

6. Tukcom

If you are looking for home entertainment systems, computer equipment or mobile phones, Tukcom is almost certainly your best option. It is a large complex on South Pattaya Road comprising of several smaller shops. The level of expertise tends to be higher and you can of get a discount is you are prepared to haggle. Shop around and negotiate!