There is an abundance of excellent restaurants in Pattaya that cater for all tastes and people from all four corners of the globe. As you would imagine, there are several vegetarian and vegan restaurants serving superb, tasty food that not only appeals to vegetarians but to everyone. Most restaurants in the city offer a selection of vegetarian dishes, but in this article, we have focused on the restaurants that concentrate on serving, first-class vegetarian food. If we have missed any off, we would be delighted to hear your thoughts.

North Pattaya

Rasayana Raw Food Café

The Fairtex complex located on North Pattaya is one of the leading health centres in Pattaya and not surprisingly, they have their only healthy eating café called Rasayana. The emphasis is very much on fresh, quality ingredients and the quality of the food is absolutely superb. It is certainly more expensive, but this is fully justified by the quality of the food and the entire surroundings.

Central Pattaya

5-Star J

5-Star J is widely regarded as one of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Pattaya and is situated on Pattaya 3rd Road. It is an extremely health-conscious restaurant, and they never use MSG or artificial colourings or flavourings in any of their dishes. Somewhat surprisingly, they do offer “meat” dishes although you can relax, as these are all made with soy protein substitutes! All food is freshly prepared, and the ingredients are purchased from local markets.

Easy Health

Easy Health has branches in both Bangkok and Pattaya. The restaurant in Pattaya is located on Pattaya 3rd Road opposite Soi Bongkot. They focus on fresh, local produce and ingredients to prepare meals that suit a range of different diets. They even offer meal plans to help you stick to your diet along with a delivery service for added convenience.


There are some excellent Indian restaurants in Pattaya which specialise in vegetarian, but the one that tends to top the rankings consistently is Govindam. They can be found on Pattaya Klang and offer both northern and southern Indian dishes. As you would imagine, this means that they have an extensive menu meaning that they can reach out to a broader spectrum of people. The food is fantastic and represents excellent value for money.


Yes! Vegan

Yes! Vegan is both a guesthouse and restaurant which brings likeminded people together at their place on Thappraya Soi 12. They have a vast menu that includes Western, Thai, Chinese and other Asian dishes. The venue is modern and has a very welcoming feel that caters very well for families with younger children. Again, it is slightly more expensive, but they only use the finest of ingredients and serve delicious food.

3 Idiots Veggie Hub

The 3 Idiots Veggie Hub is a fashionable venue that can be found on Thappraya Road and is a rather unusual fusion of Italian, western, Indian and Asian cuisine. It is becoming increasingly popular as more people are becoming aware of it and the food is fabulous and the service excellent.