Pattaya is home to some fantastic hotels, hotels that cater to all budgets and indeed the options that are available in Jomtien are no different. There are lots of hotels available within even those in Na Jomtien creeping on to the list. While it is impossible to include all of these fantastic hotels, we have added seven of our favourites, but if we have missed yours, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Dongtan Beach

Avalon Beach Resort

The Avalon Beach Resort is situated close to the start of Jomtien Beach Road and is a large, slightly older hotel but one that is kept in immaculate condition and is renowned for guests coming year after year. It is located close to Dongtan Beach and is in a surprisingly quiet setting. The facilities are superb and certainly justify the 4-star status.

Rabbit Resort

The Rabbit Resort is another of the hotels which are located close to Dongtan Beach. It is a relatively small hotel with 49 rooms and luxury villas which are nestled away in lush foliage, meaning that you could be anywhere in Thailand, not close to the beach in Jomtien. This is an excellent location for relaxing and getting away from it all. It is another 4-star hotel that completely justifies its status.

U Jomtien

Another of the hotels located just into Na Jomtien. The hotel is rated as being 4-star and but is an outstanding hotel once again close to the seafront. The infinity pool offers guest some stunning views across to Koh Larn as well as towards the islands off Sattahip. The facilities, including a library, are magnificent.

Welcome World Resort

The Welcome World Resort is another of the hotels located close to Dongtan Beach and has a 4-star rating. It is a large, modern hotel with a central pool and excellent facilities. The rooms are all quite sizeable, which makes it more appealing for those looking to stay a little longer. It is well designed, and the knowledgeable and helpful teams will do all they can to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Jomtien Beach

D’Varee Jomtien Beach

Situated on Jomtien, soi 13, the D’Varee is a luxurious hotel very close to Jomtien Beach. It has a rooftop bar where you can relax and take in the panoramic views, making it the perfect spot to appreciate the sunset. It is a 4-star hotel with superb facilities, and the room are also spotless and well furnished.

Royal Thai Pavilion

The Royal Thai Pavilion is located at the southern end of Jomtien Beach Road and is a 4-star boutique hotel. It is an impressive and typically Thai hotel with excellent facilities and levels of service. As it is almost a beachfront hotel, it offers unspoilt sea views across to the islands and beyond.

Na Jomtien

Veranda Resort

The Veranda Resort in a 4-star hotel ideally situated close to the beach in Na Jomtien. All of the rooms offer sea views from this idyllic location. The facilities are excellent, and the hotel has a very modern feel. It is straightforward to get back to Jomtien from here as it is on the boundary between two.