Central Pattaya is, of course, one of the most popular areas of Pattaya as it is close to the city’s famous nightlife as well as shopping centres and other attractions. Most of the modern condos are located in the Soi Buakhao area or near the Big C Extra on Central Pattaya Road, but there are plenty of others in the area. Here are seven top low-rise condos that are generally found the most appealing.

Centara Avenue Residence

The Centara Avenue Residence is situated on Soi 15, Soi Buakhao and is almost directly behind The Avenue shopping centre. The complex is part condo and part hotel, which naturally means that it has a hotel-like feel. As a result, the facilities are first-class with units ranging from studios to two-bedroom. The location is perfect for getting to other places in Pattaya, and the famous LK Metro is around a five-minute walk away.

City Garden

City Garden is again located on Soi 15, Soi Buakhao and is a slightly older but still stylish property which was completed in 2009. Due to its location, it is a property that is popular with investors. A wide selection of units are available ranging from studios to three bedrooms with variants of each available.

The Avenue Residence

The Avenue Residence has always been one of the most popular rental properties in Central Pattaya as it represents excellent value for money. Located next door to The Urban and within easy walking distance of the other properties in the area, The Avenue Residence has instant appeal. Units vary in size from 35sqm studios to 65sqm two-bedroom units.

The Urban

The Urban is a slightly more upmarket version of both The Avenue and The Urban with all three properties being of a similar age. The facilities are slightly better in The Urban with furnishings in the rooms also being superior. A range of units are available from 29sqm studios to 114sqm, three-bedroom units.

Grand Avenue Residence

The Grand Avenue Residence is in a similar location to the previous properties and except for the Centara, is a considerably newer development. The facilities are excellent and comparable with those that you would find in a hotel. A selection of studios, one and two-bedroom units are available. It is one of the largest properties in Central Pattaya.

The Pride

Perhaps not surprisingly, The Pride is in almost the same location as the other properties on our list. Perhaps fitting into a similar category to The Urban, The Pride is a slightly more upmarket condo than some of the other. There are two types of unit in this property, 43sqm one-bedroom units, and the 62sqm two-bedroom option. The communal facilities aren’t quite to the same standard as some of the other condos.


The Apus is located on Pattaya Klang, close to Big C Extra as is a resort-style condo. The facilities are excellent, and although it is slightly further away from the principal attractions, it is still a terrific condo. Units vary from studios to four-bedrooms.