With Pattaya now firmly focused on becoming a family orientated resort, there is little surprise that two-bedroom condos are now some of the most desirable in Pattaya. It is a trend that has been recognized by the developers who now incorporate more of these types of units in their properties. Indeed, many of the condos that we have included on our list have been standing for almost a decade and have attracted ex-pat families as well as quality tourists throughout this period. Here are just seven two-bedroom condo options in Pattaya

1.The Palm

Naklua Soi 16 is awash with excellent condos, but arguably the pick of the bunch is The Palm which is located at the far end of the soi in a prime location. The two-bedroom units are spacious in size and all offer sea views with many being entirely unobstructed. Thanks to its quiet location and superb facilities, this condo is perfect for families.


Northpoint is on Naklua Soi 18, and similar to The Palm, it is surrounded by some excellent developments. The units are slightly larger in Northpoint than in its sister condo, Zire and it is more modern than Sky Beach or Saranchol. Northpoint is probably one of the best managed and maintained condos in all of Pattaya and has excellent amenities that are very much family-oriented.


Apus is located just behind Big C Extra on Pattaya Klang and is a low-rise property that is hidden away. Unlike many of the alternatives on our list, it doesn’t offer sea views. Still, it is in an excellent location for downtown Pattaya, the Sukhumvit Road, and highways to Bangkok, Rayong, and the Eastern Seaboard making it perfect for working families.


Unixx is located at the foot of Pratamnak and is in South Pattaya. The units in this condo aren’t as large as some of its compatriots, but they are superbly finished, and the facilities are excellent. The location is ideal for both Jomtien and Pattaya with access to all the major road links also being relatively straightforward.

5.Amari Residences Pattaya

Pratamnak, like Wongamat, has an abundance of quality two-bedroom condos so it is very much a matter of opinion which one you would choose. The Amari Residence makes it onto our list due to its stunning views across Bali Hai and the fact that hotel management ensures that everything runs like clockwork. It is a significant advantage for busy families, and the magnificent security gives that added peace of mind.

6.The Riviera Jomtien

The Riviera Group has some excellent condos including the Riviera Wongamat and the Riviera Monaco. We have selected the Jomtien option for our list with the area being a popular home for ex-pats and tourists. The upmarket condo is furnished to the highest standard, and the facilities are as good as anywhere in Pattaya.

3.Baan Somprasong

To prove that we aren’t biased to condos built-in more recently we have chosen Baan Somprasong in Ban Amphur as the property of choice in this area. The units in this magnificent beachfront property are considerably larger than you will find in most buildings in Pattaya, which makes it ideal for families who enjoy a little more space.