With all the restrictions that are in place regarding travel, it has meant that many couples and families have been separated for long periods. If you fall into this category, you may feel that the best option is for your wife or girlfriend to come and join you in your own country, the UK, for example. The application can be quite daunting, especially if you are apart from your partner. Still, if you use a professional visa company’s services, your chances of success are increased, and your stress reduced.

Here are some of the companies in Pattaya which provide visa services.

1.Thai Visa Express

Thai Visa Express is located on Soi 15, Pattaya Second Road, close to the junction with Soi Buakhao and behind The Avenue shopping mall. They are the only accredited UK visa specialist in Pattaya and naturally specialize in visas to the UK and assist with visas to other countries. They provide an incredibly professional service, and should your partner fail to get a visa; you won’t have to pay their professional fees. At the initial free consultation, they will give you an honest assessment of the chances of success.

2.Key Visa

Key Visa is another of the well-established, British run visa companies in Pattaya. Similar to Thai Visa Express, they specialize in visas to the UK and have an excellent track record in terms of results. Again, they choose to offer a free consultation to determine if your partner will, in their opinion, be eligible for a visa and also offer a “no visa, no professional fee” service to give you that added reassurance. They are located at the top of South Pattaya Road, close to Big C.

3.Easy Visa

Located on Pattaya Klang, Easy Visa is a similarly reputable visa company operating in Pattaya for several years. It is another business focusing on UK visas but can also help with Australian, US, and Schengen Visas for your Thai girlfriend or wife. They pride themselves on their professionalism and are again completely honest when it comes to the chances of success. This honesty has stood them in good stead and is one of the main reasons why they have continued to be so successful over the years.

4.Pro Visa

Pro Visa is situated on Soi Khao Noi in East Pattaya and has been operating for around a decade. They provide a range of visa services regarding visas within Thailand as well as being able to help with visas to the UK or Australia. They are perfect for anyone living on “the Darkside” and naturally offer a thoroughly professional service. Again a “no visa, no fee” policy is adopted to give applicants that added peace of mind that they would receive all the assistance they require.

5.Visa 2 Britain

Visa 2 Britain is located close to the Pattaya Immigration Office in Jomtien. They can help with UK, US, Australian, Schengen, and Canadian visa applications and Thai visas. Visa 2 Britain was formerly situated on Pattaya Beach Road and have been in business for nearly 25 years during which time they have gained a superb reputation.