It is perhaps fair to say that we aren’t always blessed with a lot of quality choices when it comes to TV suppliers in Pattaya. For anyone who has spent any time in the city, you will probably be aware by now that channels are frequently taken off air or moved to another number without warning. However, despite this rather frustrating fact, we do get a great choice of channels in multiple languages; it is just choosing the best supplier to match your favorite genre of program. Here is our quick guide to what’s available.


Sophon is arguably the leading local TV provider offering in the region of 60 different channels in a range of Thai, English, Chinese, Russian, and other European languages. They have a selection of sport, movies, news and music channels so there is usually something that you will enjoy. They are one of the cheapest options and are conveniently located just on Pattaya 3rd Road and Pattaya Klang. They have a number of engineers always working, so it is usually quickly resolved if you encounter a problem.

2.Banglamung TV (BTV)

The second of the major local providers is Banglamung TV, which is slightly more expensive than Sophon but offers a very similar product in terms of the service and the channels available. Their office is again easy to find on Naklua Road, and their staff tend to speak good English and are familiar with what westerners expect and demand from their cable provider.

3.Thipmanee (TMN)

Thipmanee or TMN is not as widely available as either of the first two options but are comparable in terms of price. However, TMN does offer around 80 channels, significantly more than the previous options, including more sports, movies, and news channels. They offer a premium service with a set box that offers additional ten channels, mainly more sports, and more movies!

4.True Vision

True Vision is a national satellite and cable provider and is the largest of its ilk in the country. They offer a far more comprehensive range of channels, and their viewing guides are very much viewer orientated with subscribers being made aware of any changes well in advance. Their office is on Pattaya Klang although most problems can be rectified over the phone or by rebooting the set-top box. They are undoubtedly the most professional of all the providers available in Pattaya although they are considerably more expensive.

5.YouTube, Netflix, or other streaming mediums

The way we catch up with many of our favorite shows is changing, with many people preferring the “on-demand” options available from providers such as Netflix and other streaming services. Your favorite programs from “home” can also often be accessed with a Fire TV Stick. Of course, YouTube is also a popular entertainment source while there are also other Expat TV services. However, it would be worth checking on their legitimacy before subscribing as several illegal versions are doing the rounds. At ABPC, we would not wish to endorse this type of service.