Ramen soup is a popular dish not only in Thailand but across Asia. It is a form of noodle soup with origins in Japan. Different sorts of noodle can be used with one of the most common being egg noodles and are typically serviced in a rich meat or fish-based broth. Thinly sliced pork or chicken is added along with vegetables such as scallions and a soft boiled. It can be seasoned with Miso, soy sauce or fish sauce and is frequently topped with dried seaweed. It is a relatively healthy, inexpensive food that is very convenient.

Can You Get Ramen Soup in Pattaya?

Ramen is available at many restaurants in Pattaya with Japanese food always proving to be very popular both with Thais and foreigners in the city. There are a few chains that focus almost solely on selling Ramen soup, and these include:

  • Oishi Raman– a busy, mid-priced restaurant that can be found in Central Festival on Pattaya Beach Road
  • Hachiban Ramen– the restaurant serves inexpensive, high-quality food. It can be found on the ground floor of Tukcom which is situated on South Pattaya Road

Other Restaurants Offering Ramen

There are several excellent Japanese restaurants in Pattaya which we have discussed before. Most have Ramen on their menu, although, in most cases, it is not one of the primary dishes. However, Ramen Champion, which is located on Pattaya 3rd Road, has bucked the trend. They are a Japanese restaurant, which as you could probably guess by the name, focus on offering superb Ramen soup. It is a small restaurant which can only seat 36 and does get very busy at peak periods. Just a note, they DO NOT serve alcohol.

Several restaurants in Central Pattaya offer Ramen. One of the best known is Mae Sri Ruen which is Beach Road. Although this is a Thai restaurant, they serve a good quality Ramen along with an extensive range of other soups. They serve the traditional pork version with chicken and fish Ramen soup also available. The restaurant is held in high regard and is always busy, something that says a lot about the quality of the food and price.

Central Pattaya Road (Pattaya Klang)

On Pattaya Klang, you will find the popular Jasmine Café, which is open through the day and long into the night. It is a popular place for people watching and like Mae Sri Ruen, is a Thai restaurant that serves Ramen soup. It is a mid-range restaurant which has a pleasant ambience and good quality food.

Another popular restaurant on Pattaya Klang is the extremely well-known Dang Dame Yentafo which is a favourite with locals and is always busy. The open restaurant again has long opening hours and is predominantly a Thai restaurant but serves Ramen soup. Pork, chicken and fish varieties are available and are very reasonably priced.

Have Missed Your Favourite?

If we have missed any of your favourites, please let us know as we are always happy to hear of great new places in Pattaya.