It can’t have escaped your notice that when you travel around Pattaya and get talking to the locals, whether it be in a bar, restaurant or any other business, many of them come from Isaan. We will cover more about Isaan later, but one of the main reasons that these people travel south is, of course, in search of work. Bangkok and Pattaya offer far more opportunities than the rural districts with many seeking a living away from the family farm or small business.

Where is Isaan?

Isaan is in the Northeast of Thailand and is a region which includes 20 provinces. Some of the best-known cities include Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat), and Ubon Ratchathani. Although each of these cities is large in their own right, many are far less developed than other areas. Wages tend to be considerably lower for general populous, and the standard of living enjoyed by the majority of people is lower than that is some other areas. Isaan is economically one of the poorest regions of Thailand.

Why Pattaya?

Of course, Pattaya is not the only city that Thais choose to migrate to, but it is one of the most popular with those looking to work in the tourist industry or connected sector. Also, the Eastern Seaboard presents many opportunities for those with engineering and technical backgrounds. Pattaya is a prosperous and advanced city with good, although it is accepted that it needs improving, infrastructure. It has excellent road links with all other parts of the country with U-Tapao Airport around 40 minutes away and Suvarnabhumi Airport just one and a half hours from Central Pattaya.

Girls have been attracted to Pattaya since the Vietnam War when the American GIs used Pattaya for their R&R. They were keen to experience their culture (and their money) while also hoping to find a husband who would take them to the West. This has changed to a certain degree, but the bars and agogos are still what Pattaya is renowned for in some quarters. That element always attracts girls to Pattaya but far more are now seeking to earn a good living away from the entertainment industry.

Post Covid-19

With things starting to return to normal in Pattaya, the influx of people from Isaan will continue. The businesses on the Eastern Seaboard, in most cases, remained open during the pandemic while the bars and restaurants and now reopening. The tourists, at this stage at least, are almost entirely domestic, but this will inevitably change in the forthcoming weeks and months. Regardless, Pattaya still has so much to offer everyone and will be one of the first areas to recover, even if the tourist side takes a little longer.

Jobs for Thais in Pattaya

There are plenty of jobs available for Thais of all abilities in Pattaya. They range from jobs in bars to careers in real estate and employment managing hotels to working in heavy industry. Just as Pattaya is a fantastic place for foreigners, it is also the land of opportunity for native Thais.