As Thailand starts to recover from the crippling COVID-19 pandemic which has affected the whole world, in this article, we will explain why now is the right time, as an expat, to explore the country. Many of you will be familiar with all the corners of the Kingdom, but for others and those working in Thailand, they are often not afforded the time to travel as much as they would like, limited to visiting their partners family or the regular tourist places. However, Thailand has so much more to offer, and what better time to explore than now?

1. Time to look around properly

Thailand usually is bustling with tourists, and even some of the more remote places can be packed meaning that you don’t get to fully appreciate what is there. Now you can stop, read to boards, take in the views and get some quality photos which you will be able to look back upon in years to come. We all know that the tourists will flood back soon and that this is a good thing, but now you can appreciate things in a more unspoiled way.

2. Not taken for granted

Sadly, a common complaint about Thailand throughout the years has been that tourists are taken for granted and are seen as “cash cows”. Fortunately, the locals and to some extent, TAT and the government have had to reassess this attitude. We, as foreigners, now appear to be no longer taken for granted and are afforded the same respect as the locals, which results in a better experience as well as better feedback. If this continues, it will benefit all concerned and give Thailand a bright future.

3. The roads are quieter

We all know that Thailand has a problem with congestion, especially in the inner-city areas, but the roads are notably quieter at present. Of course, the local traffic will always be there and can’t be avoided, but getting from A to B can take significantly less time, especially if you need to go close to Bangkok. It will mean that you arrive at your destination quicker, you will be more relaxed and you can appreciate everything that it has to offer.

4. Seas and beaches are cleaner

Something that has been noted in the press around the world is that the seas, oceans, and beaches have benefitted from some “time-out”. The short break has allowed them to recover, and they are now far cleaner than at any time in the recent past. While this is fantastic for locals, expats, and tourists, it is beneficial for natural habitats. Again, this is something that we should remember and treat these areas with more respect in the future.

5. Cheaper

Finally, one other reason for getting out and exploring Thailand at present is that everything is far cheaper than twelve months ago. 5-star hotels are offering incredible discounts meaning that you can stay in luxury or for extra nights. The airlines are offering deals on flights, and the attractions themselves are also prepared to offer deals so that more people can afford to visit. This all bodes well for the future.