While no one would deny that Pattaya, like everywhere else in the world, has found 2020 challenging the long-term prospects for the city look bright. At the time of writing, few tourists are allowed to enter the country, and when they do, they need to quarantine for 15 days. However, with quarantine times expected to shorten soon, a vaccine anticipated to be widely available in early 2021, and the fact that the country has had comparatively low incidences of the virus, we can expect a recovery to start before many other places.

So, what do base our optimism on?

Pattaya has a widespread appeal  

Pattaya is a city that appeals to everyone regardless of their race, religion, or sexual orientation. Singles, couples, and families of any age can enjoy Pattaya without any fear of prejudice, and it is hard to think of another place in the world where this is the case to the same extent. It is something that won’t alter when the airports open, and it will help the city to return to normal faster than most. With most people around the globe being hit financially by the pandemic, people will pick and choose their holidays and select places where they will feel most comfortable.

Pattaya is always evolving

Pattaya is a city which is continually evolving and never stands still. It moves to meet demand and is very fluid in that respect. As such, it will be able to adapt quickly to meet the “new normal” which we keep hearing so much about. This flexibility and adaptability is something that very few cities or even countries can match, and it will mean that it will be quickly out of the blocks when everything opens. It is something that has stood the city in good stead in the past and will do so again in the future.

The infrastructure is already in place

Effectively the city is just waiting for the gates to open and people to be allowed back in. Even though many businesses have unfortunately closed, the strongest have survived and will prosper. It means that expats, tourists, and locals will benefit in the long-term from a better all-around product which will be more attractive to everyone. Harsh as it may seem, some of the chaff has been cut away to allow fresh shoots to grow. With excellent hotels, road links, and all the required services in place, everyone is poised for action!

Lots to do in Pattaya

Anyone who has ever been to Pattaya will know that there are lots to do, and there will be something to suit everyone. Once again, this is something that bodes well for the long-term future as it is a city that will appeal to a wider, more diverse group of people. Unlike some resorts which may focus on one thing such as the beaches, Pattaya has everything including floating markets, championship standard golf courses, water parks, and world-class shopping malls. It doesn’t aim at one particular niche; it aims at all of them!

Thailand is still a stable country

Despite recent political unrest in Bangkok, Thailand, or more to the point Pattaya is still a stable and safe place to be. You can feel safe when you walk about day or night, unlike some competitors. Of course, this is a big attraction to most people but certainly couples and families. After the challenges that we have all experienced in 2020, no one will be looking to go to a destination where they need to worry about safety. Naturally, this is again something that goes in Pattaya’s favour.

Remains relatively cheap

While it is fair to say that Pattaya isn’t as cheap as it used to be, it is still far from expensive and in the present climate, with bargains available almost anywhere, it will be affordable to most. We all know that things will be tight financially for everyone in the next couple of years, so it is vital that these discounts remain in place once the borders do open again. There is no question that people do want to return, whether they can afford to come is another point, this is an area where Pattaya needs to give a little bit back in order to gain a lot more.

Easy to get to

Getting to Pattaya is relatively easy from anywhere in the world with flights from most destinations flying to Suvarnabhumi. With U-Tapao Airport also attracting an increasing number of international flights before the pandemic, ease of travel will be a critical factor for many people when they are considering booking their holidays. When this is coupled with the excellent road links from both airports, Pattaya again looks a desirable option both in the short and long term.

Year-round climate

The climate is a big attraction for many people, especially those who are travelling from Western Europe or the US during the winter months. In many ways, this eliminates domestic holidays in those countries during that time. Once again, this puts Thailand in a pole position for those seeking a bit of winter sun, and once quarantine times have been reduced and assuming that prices remain reasonable, Thailand and Pattaya is a feasible option. Indeed, this time of year has always been classed as the high season, and there is no reason why this should alter.

The Eastern Seaboard, EEC and BOI

It is easy to focus on tourism as being the only reason Pattaya has a bright long-term future. Of course, it is the main reason, but let’s not forget the large number of expats that live and work in Pattaya and the surrounding areas. The Eastern Seaboard is home to some of the biggest car manufacturers in the world and companies associated with making parts. This combined with the ever-expanding EEC and the BOI incentives that are offered by the government means that the region is attractive to both domestic and global business. Very few regions in the world are set up to the same degree at the present time.