The coronavirus has undoubtedly changed the way that we live our lives, and the lockdown meant that most of us couldn’t do many of the things which we had previously taken for granted. Sadly, many businesses have remained closed and will never reopen, but for those who have managed to survive the future looks far more rosy – and the same can be said for those that have managed to ride the storm.

Day to Day Life

It is noticeable is you go along the usually busy Soi Buakhao and around The Avenue shopping area that people are fewer in number. People are socially distancing and, for the moment at least, seem unaware of what is socially acceptable and what isn’t. Of course, over time, this will return to normal, but it is likely that many of us won’t be as tactile as what we were in the past. It is something that could have a big impact on the bars and nightlife in the city, leading to a significant change from how some led their lives before.


A few analysts have noted that purchasing patterns are likely to change, and this is something that could become more evident in Pattaya. For those who are living on a budget, the “experts” believe that they will become more frugal and save money should something like this happen again. Those who have a higher disposable income are expected to see this as an opportunity with bargains available in the shops. In many western countries, the cost of loans is at historically low levels in an attempt to stimulate the economy.

In the real estate industry, this may mean that investors can get loans in their home countries with the view of purchasing a condo in Thailand. If the demographics of Pattaya change as predicted, the condo market may receive a lift from the Chinese looking to invest in property and take advantage of any offers that may present themselves, including fire sales.


As we just touched upon, the Chinese, who have already been coming to Pattaya in the droves, are expected to be actively encouraged to come back sooner than most. Many westerners are still facing travel restrictions both at home and in Thailand, along with the fact that many simply can’t afford to come. Many western owned businesses found lowdown hard and attracting westerners, both tourists and expats back may take time.

Awareness of Others

One positive that came out of the pandemic was the willingness of people to help others in their time of need. We will avoid any comment on the politics, which we know is a sensitive subject, but it was fantastic to see many expats and Thais helping others in their time of need. Hopefully, when we return to normal or the “new normal” that everyone is talking about, this appreciation and awareness of others is something that will continue. If it does, it will be something that will make Pattaya an even better place to live and work.